Meet Oliver: an Outstanding Adoptable Dog in NJ

Meet Oliver! Adoptable dog from NJ  - w/ Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Last week we received a comment on our Facebook page from a page named “Outstanding Oliver”. Here’s what it read:

“Hi Lola – I’m Oliver! I read your story and you sure are lucky to be saved and living in your forever home. I was a stray, I was starving and Eleventh Hour Rescue saved me from deathrow and helped me heal. I am still waiting for my forever home and have been living in the kennel for two years now. I have wonderful volunteer friends who love me and take such good care of me but what I would really like is a family. Perhaps you can help me by sharing my page and story? I would be so grateful!”

Well, I thought we could do a little better than that and dedicate an entire blog post to Outstanding Oliver.

Quick Facts:

Located in Morris County, NJ // Good with kids // Good with dogs & cats // 6-7 years old

Oliver was extremely emaciated and sick with a lingering kennel cough. But that was nothing that a little lot of TLC from the amazing people at EHR could give and they slowly nursed Oliver back to health. However, he’s still waiting for his perfect family to spend the rest of his life with. Please consider sharing Oliver’s story so he can find a family to call his own.

Here’s a little more about this cutie:

“My dedicated volunteer friends make sure that I get out of the kennel a lot. We go to fun places like the park, agility classes each week, on hikes, Dairy Queen, and they even take me home for visits sometimes!

I love to go for rides in the car. You should see my tail wag when I get to sit in the front seat! And if you pet me while you’re driving- boy, am I in heaven! I like to go on walks and I try not to pull on the leash because I know that people don’t like that. In fact, I enjoy taking time to stop and smell the roses and you may have to pull me a little bit to get me to go! There is just so much to explore – we didn’t have all those great scents in New York!

I like to play in the yards at the kennel too. My favorite is when I bow down low to the ground and then pounce up and run around, watching if you’re going to follow me. Sometimes I get to have play dates with some of my kennel friends. I enjoy being around other dogs and I am very mellow with them.

I’m great in a home environment; I just like to relax and be with you! My volunteer friends I’m so loving, loyal, and goofy – whatever that means!

While I don’t like to live in the past, some things are hard to leave behind. Have you ever been so hungry that your body starts to eat itself? I have and it’s a hard feeling to forget. When I see food in front of me now, I sometimes forget that I will never have to worry about having enough food again. I only ask that you don’t touch my food or food bowl after you’ve fed me. I am currently working with a fantastic trainer who knows my past and needs, and is helping my volunteer friends work with me. I will need a loving owner who will be understanding of this and willing to follow plans set in place by my trainer.”

*Oliver is good with kids, but it is recommend he only go to a home with older, respectful children because of the specific training protocols in place that younger kids might not be able to follow. The rescue would really like to see Oliver find a home in the NJ/NY/PA area.

Learn more about Oliver on his adoption page!

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Meet Dumpling: Adoptable Dog of the Week

With a name like Dumpling, you’ve got to love this girl! Dumpling is a Bulldog Pit Bull mix – what an adorable combination!

She is just a petite little thing weighing in at around 40 pounds. She is eager to please with the perfect amount of spunk and sweetness.

Meet Dumpling! An adorable Bulldog x Pit Bull for adoption in Minneapolis!

Quick Facts:

3 years old | Bulldog Pit Bull Mix | 40 lbs | Good with dogs | No kitties, please | Good with kids | Crate trained

From the foster:

“Dumpling is a sweet little thing that is happy all of the time. She is spunky, sweet, and eager to greet all people, young and old. She takes treats gently and is eager to learn. She is kennel trained and enjoys taking naps.

Dumpling rides great in the car. She enjoys looking out of the windows and snuggling in the front seat.
Dumpling’s ideal day would consist of a few nice walks. She is awesome on leash. She is an is all weather dog which means cold or rain is no big deal to her! She also loves to play with the garden hose and dunks her head in the kiddie pool.
Dumpling would do best in a home free of cats or small animals. She would also do great as an only dog or with a male companion.”

*To fill out an application to meet Dumpling, please visit A Rotta Love Plus.

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Meet Bridget: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Bridget: Adoptable Dog of the Week on
What a beauty, another brindle and white pup – my weakness! Bridget came into rescue with one of her puppies and is still looking for her perfect home. Please consider sharing so that Bridget may find her perfect family.

Quick Facts:

Birthday: April 2011 | Bulldog Pit Bull Mix | 60 lbs | dog selective, needs slow introductions | okay with cats but may chase | great with kids | house trained | $200 adoption fee

From the Foster:

“It took us less than an hour to fall completely in love with this dog! Bridget is a true gem. She’s gentle and loving with my children, and would love nothing more than to just be a part of a family. She craves attention and gets it in full with us. She’s a snuggler with everyone. We let her sleep in the kids’ beds; she stays there all night and usually waits for whoever she’s sleeping with to get up before she does. She would be miserable sleeping on the floor, so being in your bed is preferable.

We let her on part of a couch in our house and she loves to sleep there. She also loves to do a full body snuggle while you’re watching TV. She’s respectful of “no,” and is tentative to try again. We have other furniture she does not get on, nor does she try and get on our bed after we told her no.

She doesn’t beg at the table. She will sit well away and wait for you to be done. But if you leave something out on the counter, she might try and sneak it later! This has not been an issue for us, as we just make sure the counters are clean. Her shedding is minimal, as she has a short coat.

In our opinion, Bridget is the perfect family dog and would do best if someone is home during the day and there are multiple people to give her love and attention. She rarely barks inside, even when someone comes to the door. She is dog reactive on her leash and is recently having a hard time being introduced to other dogs. We use treats along with a trigger word as a redirect. She uses a body harness and that works well. It’s possible with the proper introductions and the right dog she could be fine, but it will be an individual assessment with each family.

She can’t be crated, she is too anxious, but she does perfectly left out. Or you can shut her in a familiar bedroom or office. She will whine for a bit, but won’t bark, scratch at the door, or destroy anything. If Bridget sounds like your kind of dog, be prepared to have a 60 pound lap dog!

For information on adopting, please visit or view Bridget’s profile here.

Meet Rascal: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Rascal: Adoptable Dog of the Week on! Located in West Virginia!

Wow…Rascal is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I’m such a sucker for that brindle/white combo. And to top that off, he’s got an eye patch. It’s a good thing he isn’t closer, because I’d be really tempted.

Another awesome tidbit about Rascal? His foster mom is our friend, Allyson, aka Molly the Pit Bull’s mama.

Quick Facts:

2-3 year old male Staffordshire Terrier | Loves people & other dogs | Crate trained | A little too interested in kitties | Adoption fee $75

From the foster:

“Rascal is such a great dog but had a not-so-great life before now. He came into rescue with his collar embedded in his neck! The rescue took care of him, placing him on antibiotics and preventing any further infection. Luckily he’s doing great now and is just waiting for his perfect family to come along!

He rides in the crate when we take him to the park and it’s so cute because he’ll take off running to the car, jump in the crate and go to sleep until we get to wherever we’re going. Rascal does great with other dogs, but he isn’t a fan of cats (we’re trying to work on that)! We have cats and he will chase them. He loves to go for walks and obviously loves his rides in the car.

Rascal walks well on a leash, but he’s still working on not jumping on people. He does great in his kennel and he won’t poo or pee in there so it’d be really easy to get him completely potty trained; he’s still working on that. But hey, can you blame him? He’s obviously never had a home to live in!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m in love with this boy. Just look at those eyes. Let’s help this boy out!

Email [email protected] if you’re interested in meeting Rascal or view Rascal’s profile on Petfinder!

B.A.R.C. is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization made up of a small group of volunteers in Boone County, WV (south of Charleston)

Reuben: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Reuben! The adoptable dog of the week on Reuben is a Catahoula Leopard/Pit Bull mix living in MN!

Look at this sweet face! I’ve been swooning over Reuben since the moment I saw him posted on Secondhand Hounds facebook page. Turns out Catahoula Leopard Pit Bull mixes are dang cute!

Reuben is house and crate trained, is around 3 years old and 45 lbs, supa’ sweet and snuggly and does good with kids. However, no kitties please! He has done well with very playful and submissive dog friends but is VERY in your face and playful, therefore slow intros and monitoring is necessary at first to see how it will go!

Quick Facts:

Catahoula/Pit Bull mix | 3 years old | 45 lbs | house & crate trained | okay with playful submissive dogs | no kitties

Adoption Fee: $200

From the Foster:

“Reuben loves to go on walks and has an abundance of energy if you want a partner to go on hikes, runs, trips, etc., but equally enjoys cuddling in bed or snuggling on the couch.  He has proven to be great with kids and does well with submissive dogs, but does need slow introductions to them before he’s comfortable.  He’s done amazing with some dogs right off the bat and others not so much.  Because of this he is not a dog park candidate and will need a family familiar with how to slowly introduce dogs.

He is crate and potty trained, but prefers to sleep at night outside of the crate.  He really loves being with people and to be a part of the family.  If he is isolated he will bark, so apartment living will not work for him.   He really is a sweet buddy and a beautiful dog!  If you’re looking for an all around great new member of your family, someone who is ready to do whatever it is your doing at the time (camping, running, napping, watching T.V.), Reuben is your man.  He just is waiting for that perfect family to come along and let him be a part of their lives forever!

Fill out an application on the Secondhand Hounds site to meet Rueben! Click Here to Begin Application

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Diesel: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Diesel: Adoptable dog of the week from!

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. These dogs are often ones that are having a harder time than others finding the perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Diesel find his ‘fur-ever’ home!

Quick Facts:

2 years old // 65lbs // Dog friendly // No kitties please // Crate & house trained // Adoption Fee: $200

From Diesel himself and his foster!

Hey there everybody!  My name is Diesel! I am living with my foster momma, daddy & human brother, and I also have a fur brother and fur sister.  We love to run around the house and play tag and tug of war.  My foster momma says it sounds like a herd of elephants when we’re all running, but she just laughs at us.  I don’t mean to brag, but they tell me all the time what a smart and funny guy I am!  I know a bunch of commands plus I’m potty and kennel trained!  I am kind of a silly guy sometimes, when I need a break from playing, I love to watch t.v.!  I like watching the animal planet and Nat. Geo channels.  At bedtime, I get to snuggle with my foster momma and daddy and they pet me while I fall asleep….aaaaaahhh,  it is so cozy!  Oh yeah, one thing my foster momma says – no soft or squeaky toys for me!  I think they are more for eating than playing!  I love nylabones and the hard braided ropes though.My foster family thinks I am as close to a perfect dog as you can get!   Why don’t you come meet me? I may be perfect for your family!

From the fosters:  Diesel is an amazing dog. What a terrific personality!  He is smart,  sweet, loving and well mannered.  It took him no time at all to warm up to us. He would do best with a yard he can run and play in.  This guy definitely needs a way to burn off energy!  I feel he would do best in a home with no cats but definitely needs brothers and sisters – fur or human.  Both would be perfect!

Fill out an application on the Secondhand Hounds website to meet Diesel!

Meet Snow White: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Snow White - adoptable dog of the week featured on

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. These dogs are often ones that are having a harder time than others finding the perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Snow White find her ‘fur-ever’ home!

We have been volunteering for Secondhand Hounds for about three years now and I actually remember the day Snow White was pulled from a shelter here in Minneapolis.

She was found with a horrible crop job on her ears, that was likely attempted with scissors, and her tail was literally still hanging on by a piece of skin…this poor girl did not have an easy start to life. She is now in safe hands but has been in rescue for a long, long time looking for the perfect family to adopt her.

Quick Facts:

 2.5 yr old Pit Bull | 60 lbs | Needs slow intros to dogs – no cats | Kid friendly – older children preferred | house/crate trained | Adoption Fee: $150

From the Foster:

“My name is Snow White and I am a two and a half year old pit bull. I came into rescue after someone had cut my ears and tail with scissors and then dumped me on the side of the road. Luckily Secondhand Hounds knew how special I was and took me in.

Despite how I was previously treated, I still LOVE people and greet everyone I meet with a smile.

However, dogs can make me nervous and I need a family who can make me feel safe and secure because sometimes I see dogs and I just can’t help but stare and bark! I am learning that if I stay calm, I get treats and my foster mama and trainer say I am doing SUPER well!

I have had a lot of foster siblings and my best friend is a male pit bull who I play and cuddle with ALL the time. Sometimes, I even share my toys with him!

I have lived with little dogs and dogs my size. It took some getting used to, but eventually with proper introductions I accepted them into the house and we got along just fine. However, I would do best in a home with a submissive male dog.

I took a dog socialization class and recently finished dog obedience class. I love to play with my foster buddies, love water and love the sprinkler. I love a lot of things including snuggling under the blanket with you at night and giving you hugs.

If you are looking for someone who will love you unconditionally, be your stress reliever at the end of the day and want somebody who can be pretty comical at times, then I’m your girl!

I am so grateful that my prince came along and gave me another chance at life. My only wish now is that I find a home that I can finally call my own.”

Click Here to Fill Out an Application to meet Snow White.

Meet Carmen: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Carmen! Adoptable Dog of the Week -

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. These dogs are often ones that are having a harder time than others finding the perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Carmen find her ‘fur-ever’ home!

Meet Carmen! Isn’t she cute? This girl has been with Secondhand Hounds Rescue in Minnesota for quite some time. Before that, she was a local dog rescued from Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. Her and her brother were both saved but seemed very scared when they first came into rescue. She has come a very long ways but can still be a little shy. She does have a foster home that is taking care of her but she would love to find a family to call her ‘fur-ever’ home!

Quick facts:

Lab/Pit Bull mix | 2 yrs old | 60lbs | gets along with dogs, cats & kids! | House & Crate trained | Adoption Fee: $150

Birthday: February 14th, 2012 (Umm, Valentine’s Day baby!!!)

 From the Foster:

“Carmen is very affectionate and has a lot of love to give.

She likes to go for walks and to play with her toys, but she loves playing fetch and will do this for hours…if you have the time and arm strength. She needs a calm house and a family to make her feel secure and keep exposing her to the world.”
Click Here to Fill Out an Application to meet Carmen.


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Meet Emma: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Emma! Adoptable Dog of the Week! @lolathepitty

*View Emma’s profile on Secondhand Hounds*

This girl obviously holds a special place in my heart from the moment I saved her. Many of you have been following the story, but in case you haven’t, Emma is one of two stray dogs that we found north of the cities. You can read more about Emma’s story here.

The good news is that she is now available for adoption through Secondhand Hounds Rescue in Minnesota.

I am so happy that this young girl will now be properly cared for and never have to give birth to another litter of puppies again.

Pit bull mix // (~1 1/2 – 2 yrs old) // very easy going // great with kids // good with dogs // cats are unknown (probably okay!) // potty & crate trained

Meet Emma! Adoptable Dog of the Week! @lolathepitty

More about Emma:

If you’re looking for the perfect dog to snuggle up to next to, Emma’s your girl.

If you want a completely easy-going dog, look no further. She doesn’t even have any annoying habits – she won’t chew up your furniture, doesn’t jump on people, rarely even barks.

She does great with kids and loves snuggling her head in your lap. She would love to go on walks with you and makes a superb sidekick.

Emma also does good with other dogs. She lived with us for a few weeks and has been living with an older Beagle and a young pit bull/whippet mix and does great with both of them. Of course, bossy female dogs or overly excited/extremely high energy dogs that keep persisting on playing probably wouldn’t be her first choice in play mates.

Emma loves tennis balls (just carrying them around in her mouth!) and also likes to play tug o’ war when she gets that tiny spark of spunk.

She sleeps perfectly quiet in a crate and is a true lady, she won’t even chew up any blankets that are in her crate (I’m looking at you, RIO).

There’s not much about Emma that’s not to like. She is an amazing dog and is going to make someone very happy.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about Emma and of course you can learn more about adopting Emma on

Meet Enoch – Adoptable Dog of the Week

Enoch - Adoptable Dog of the Week -

View Enoch’s profile on Petfinder here!

This week’s adoptable dog is extra special. Meet Enoch, aka “Wink”. I call him Enoch though because that’s what he knows and responds to. Enoch has been staying over at our house for a little while! I really was hesitant to post Enoch on here because I would truly like him for myself. Ugh – the hard part of fostering. I promise, I don’t fall this hard for every foster. Maybe that’s not entirely true, but…

Okay, so here’s the scoop on Enoch or “Wink”. Isn’t Wink a cute name!? Totally adorable. Only problem is, he doesn’t know it.

1 year old pit bull mix | house trained | great with everyone! | some crate anxiety that we’re working on

Enoch is a total love bug. In fact, he’s curled up next to me on our big chair right now. He is amazing with both of our dogs, even when Rio gave him a little “that’s MY mommy” sass.

Enoch - adoptable dog on

He is really a calm, relaxed boy and loves curling up next to you and following you around the house. He’s also glad to go on a walk or to the park, although he hasn’t quite figured out the whole purpose of ‘fetch’. It’s more like, “Umm, you go get it. I didn’t throw it way over there”.

Enoch also spent some time in boarding at a doggy daycare and he is quite the social butterfly. Does great with small dogs, large dogs, bossy dogs, you name it.

See why I’m in love? Still want more? Okay, here you have it:

  • potty trained
  • walks nice on the leash
  • does his business quickly (hey! It’s always a plus when they don’t dilly around. Psst, townhome/apt owners – you know what I’m talking about)
  • cuddle bug
  • knows sit, shake & down
  • smart & willing

I could totally see Enoch being fit for a therapy dog someday.

Enoch - Adoptable Dog of the Week -
Wait, are those treats!?

The one thing Enoch doesn’t truly care for is his crate. You see, he has already had TWO previous owners and since he’s been in rescue, has stayed with a few different families and at boarding. He needs consistency and someone to show him that his crate is a safe place, a positive place, and not a place where he is ‘put’ when someone is leaving for a long, long time.

If you’re interested in Enoch, please visit the Baby Gia’s website and fill out an application to meet him! Please, I’m begging you – we cannot have three dogs right now and if he’s not adopted fast, well, he might just have to stay.