Tootsie – Adoptable Dog of the Week

Tootsie - adoptable pit bull living in Minnesota. Foster needed! Been in rescue for over 3 years.|

View Tootsie’s profile and fill out an application on the MARS site here.

I could not believe it when I heard that Tootsie has been in rescue for over THREE YEARS. Three whole years! As in, tres AÑOS. And on top of that, she has spent the last FIVE MONTHS in boarding because she does not have a foster home.

We need to get this baby the exposure she needs and get her into a foster home at the very least! She is super sweet and great with kids and people. No dogs or kitties for this girl. But I just know there is a family out there for her!

Here’s a little more info about Tootsie (hehe, I just love her name):

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Sex: Female, Size: 50 Pounds
Current Age: 3 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: No
Housetrained: Yes

“Tootsie is a sweet cuddle bug. Her favorite thing is snuggling with her people. Tootsie is housetrained and crate trained. She loves to play tug and be a big goofball. Tootsie is also good with children she will be their best buddy. Unfortunately Tootsie had a rough up-bringing so she is not good with dogs or cats and needs to be an only dog. Please help this little girl find her forever home. Right now she is stuck in boarding and a cold lonely kennel is no place for a cute little girl.”

Find Adoption and Foster Information on Tootsie HERE.


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Bear – Adoptable Dog of the Week


*Update: Bear was adopted on 2/1/14!

Where do I begin?! Bear is a 5 year old English Bulldog Rottweiler mix whose life hasn’t been so great up until a couple months ago. Bear had been living in a barn the past three years of his life.

He holds a very special place in my heart because our good friend, Amaya (Tater’s mom!) is fostering him. He is one big hunk of love. But don’t let his size hold you back, he is super patient, hardly ever even attemps to jump and is just looking for a family to love him. Bear would do AWESOME with kids. He loves attention, seriously loves snuggles and just touching a human body! I guess I can’t blame him…

Oh yeah AND he comes with 2,000 facebook fans!

Here is a little more about Bear from his foster:

“Hi! I’m Bear, some call me Pooh Bear or Scooby Doo! I love to learn new things and my main goal is JUST to make YOU happy! When you are happy, I am happy! I am also a REALLY good walker! I need VERY little correction and the correction I do sometimes need is only voice correction!
I don’t chew on furniture, curtains or jump on the furniture that much. When I do I get told “off” and sometimes need a little push to get off. I am usually pretty content with laying on my dog bed chewing on a nylabone. Nylabones are my FAVORITE, Antlers make me VERY happy as well!
I am SO okay with people touching my food bowl and even taking food out while I am eating, same as with toys.I also love to give kisses!
I am dog friendly with the proper introduction. I was not around dogs for 3 years and might need a little help with a new introduction. If you do have another dog I would prefer that he/she doesn’t try to dominate me by doing things like howling. So far I have been really great around other dogs but have only met one dominant female that was very vocal and we didn’t get along too well when playing in a group but were fine in a calm situation with just the two of us. I am currently being fostered with another male dog, which is ‘rare’ in the rescue world. But we have been like brothers since the day we met! We even cuddle, but don’t tell anyone that.”


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Bear - Adoptable Dog of the Week
Update: adopted!

Caprese – Adoptable Dog of the Week!

Caprese - adoptable dog of the week - adopted!

UPDATE: Caprese has been adopted!

This is Caprese! She is a 4.5 year, DEAF, pit bull that has been in rescue for MUCH longer than most dogs at Secondhand Hounds.

Maybe it’s because she is deaf(?), I really can’t figure it out because she’s as cute as a button! Plus, being deaf doesn’t mean she is not trainable. There are several trainers in my area that work with you on hand signals and training your deaf animal and TONS of videos on YouTube to help as well.

The best thing we can do is SHARE this post to get the word out about Caprese. Her family IS out there waiting for her and once she gets adopted another dog will be saved!

From the foster:

“Meet Caprese! This happy, tiny bundle of pittie love is always smiling and ready for action. Even though she is deaf, Caprese won’t let that get her down. She’s ready for an active family who wants to keep her busy! Caprese was saved from a local animal control, and during her temperament test we realized she couldn’t hear a darn thing. This means she will require some extra training on hand signals, but Caprese is smart and will learn fast. She has already picked up the signal for sit, and if you point to her kennel she goes inside of it. She’s drawn to people, and will run to you when you open your arms and smile at her. She’s learned quickly her kennel is a great place to be, she might give a few barks but then settles down and goes to bed. Caprese attends doggy daycare, and she’s good with dogs big and small. Sometimes when she plays, she needs people to help guide her when a dog does or doesn’t want to play with her. She just can’t hear their signals. She easily redirects though, sometimes with a squirt of water on her foot, and goes back to running laps like she loves to do! She really loves the GIANT dogs, her best friends are a mastiff mix and pyrenees mix. The only negative behavior Caprese shows is some resource guarding with food around other dogs, (NOT people though). Being that she was so skinny when we rescued her, it’s not surprising. To remedy this behavior, we only do meals and bones in her kennel. If she was an only dog, then this behavior would not affect her. She loves to go on long walks and keeps her nose to the ground as she sniffs along. She’d probably make a cute little jogging partner and enjoy that too! Caprese is so affectionate, like a true pit bull should be. She loves leaning into you for love and lets you give her kisses on her snout. She’s not a nervous or under-confident dog even though she lacks one of her basic senses.”

Apply to meet Caprese today through Secondhand Hounds Rescue!

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10 Signs You Shouldn't Adopt a Pit Bull -

10 Signs You Shouldn’t Adopt a Pit Bull

10 Signs You Shouldn't Adopt a Pit Bull -

1. You don’t like cuddling.

I grew up with shelties who didn’t even like sleeping on dog beds – they preferred the hard, cold floor. Umm, let’s just say these pibbles know what’s what when it comes to comfort.

2. You want to carry your dog around in your purse.

Not happening unless your purse = duffle bag and you = superman.

3. You think dog clothes are lame.

Let’s face it, unless you live in San Diego and never stray, your pit bull may need a coat. Maybe even boots and a hat, possibly a scarf if you live within 500 miles of me.

4. Your nose is stuck so high in the air (or somewhere else) and you think pit bulls are “mean” and “vicious”.

A certain meme comes to mind…

pit bull meme

5. You don’t like proving people wrong.

I mean…you don’t? Really? Where are you from?

6. You only buy from a breeder (and they must be pure bred).

In which you would not be adopting and saving an innocent life. I’ve also had friends tell me that before they knew better, they always thought there was ‘something wrong’ with the dogs available for adoption through rescues and shelters. Hmmm….see #10.

7. You can resist faces like this…

Rio -

and this…

Tater Tot and Lola

8. You want a hunting dog.

I take that back. Lola would love to go squirrel hunting with you. And others have been trained to hunt.

9. You can resist butts like this…


That’s Lola’s boyfur-iend, yes, I said it. His name is Tater Tot, he is doing some awesome things in this world over here.

and this…


(That’s another Tator Tot, he’s really good at saving lives and stuff like that.)

1o. You judge based off of the negative things you’ve heard in the media and elsewhere vs. judging an animal as an individual. You aren’t willing to accept the most loving dogs I have ever met, which are all of the pit bulls you have seen in this post.

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Lillie – Adoptable Dog of the Week!

Lillie - adoptable dog of the week - 1 yr old blue pit bull mix!

*Fill out an application for Lillie HERE*

Look at Lillie bug! This girl holds a special place in my heart because I have personally met her when doing volunteer work at Secondhand Hounds Rescue in Minnesota. She reminds me of Lola in several ways – she is spunky, energetic and loves people!

Lillie, however, has been in rescue for way too long. She did not have an easy start and has spent more time than a dog ever should have to in a kennel. For several reasons, Lillie would need to be the only animal in your house.

She is a petite little thing, weighing it at around 45 pounds with plenty of puppy left in her at just over a year old! Do you know someone who would love this gorgeous blue pit bull mix!?

Here is a  little more information about her!

Lillie - adoptable dog of the week -

From the Foster:

“Hi! I’m Lillie and I like to snuggle!  No, really – I mean I LOVE to snuggle.  Pretty much the most awesome thing ever is to snuggle.  Laying next to you is great, but I’m not against trying to curl up right on top of you either.  I heard the term ‘lapdog’ once, and I figure that’s what I should be… Even though I’m a little big, I fit nicely on laps, I really do.   I also like to sleep under the covers.  What can I say, I have super nice pretty soft blue fur, but it’s not the warmest – so, under the covers I go.  I snuggle well under there, too!

Speaking of my fur, I’ll let you in on a secret.  I LOVE it to be brushed.  It’s like a tickly massage and it’s fantastic… I don’t love baths, I’ll be honest with you, but since I know I get brushed after it I deal with it.  Getting brushed makes everything worth it.

I’ll be honest with you again – I’m a bit of a spaz sometimes. Not ALL the time, but come on – who doesn’t like to play?!?  I know I do.  I love to play with people but I’m not so great with other dogs. As I’m getting older, I’ve decided that I would like to be the only four legged family member in the home since I like all of the attention on me!  Oh… and no cats please.  For real.  They smell weird and I’m NOT a fan.

As far as humans go, I truly love them all.  I love kids, but my foster mom says that because I’m still young – and still unsure of how big I am, I probably shouldn’t be living with super young kids…  I admit it, I might knock them over.  I’ve got a big body and a lot of spunk – I’ll do better with kids that are bigger than me!  I get very excited when I meet new people and get to do new things – I’m still young after all!  But I relax and turn into a snuggle bunny after I get used to stuff.  I also listen very well and I do really well with obedience classes, giving me some things to learn and do.

So there you have it, I’m Lillie and I’m looking for my forever family.  Are you it?!?  Fill out an application to come and meet me, I’m sure you’ll love me!”

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Violet!


Oh, Violet! Look at this big hunk of love! Violet is such a laid back dog. She should teach Miss Lola a thing or two! She is a four year old English Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier Mix.

Violet is living in a foster home in Minnesota and she has foster siblings too – dogs and cats. She would really love to find her fur-ever home, as she has been in rescue for way too long.

Pet Project Rescue is an amazing rescue group to work with. They are always very upfront about any issues the dog has. And Violet…well, she is healing from a torn knee. This may not be something that requires surgery. BUT if it does PPR will pay for it, even if she is already adopted. That is amazing!

Violet is a dream dog, she is very well mannered, potty and crate trained and an all-around great girl! She would make a superb dog for someone that enjoys taking walks but also wants a cuddle bug of a couch dog!

Just look at that face!

Violet - adoptable dog in MN - @lolathepitty

You can find Violet’s complete bio online here. Please share this post to get Violet the exposure she deserves. Her perfect family is out there, is it you?!

If you cannot adopt, please consider making a donation to Pet Project Rescue for all they do.

Every once in a while a dog enters your

Finley – Adoptable Dog of the Week!

Meet Finley- Needs a foster (& fur-ever family)!

Just look at those eyes…they melt my heart!

Finley - Adoptable Dog of the Week! Located in MN - @lolathepitty

Finley is a 1 year old Bulldog/Pit Bull mix with Pet Project Rescue in Minnesota.

Just look at those eyes! He has been in rescue for quite a while now and is also in need of a new foster family or permanent home that has dog or breed experience and that is caring and understanding of his special needs, that will be committed to providing him continued training, proper socialization and daily exercise.

From the foster:

“Finley is just over a year old now.  He is a super smart boy and is doing great with his obedience training.  He is halfway through completing Level 1 Obedience through the Canine Coach.  He will graduate from Level 1 the end of this month!  He learns things really quickly and is very treat motivated.  He knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘wait’, ‘leave it’, and ‘down’ just to name a few.  He works so hard and listens really well.

Finley loves, loves, to play!  He would play all day long if he could.  Fetch and rope tug are his favorites.  He also loves chew toys, bones, and Kongs filled with peanut butter. His second favorite thing to do is to snuggle up with you on the couch or the bed.  He loves being by his people and is a big lap dog.
Finley’s doctors are not sure if he will need knee surgery or not, but they did diagnose him with a neurological disorder that is affecting his gait.  As a result, Finley is  a little off-balanced and clumsy when he walks.  But it really doesn’t slow him down at all – he gets around just fine!  Otherwise, Finley is a happy and healthy boy. (Should Finley need surgery, Pet Project Rescue is covering the cost! How great is that?!)
Finley would do best in an only dog home.  He gets very excited when playing with other dogs and not all dogs appreciate his style of play.  He also gets too excited over cats to share a home with them.  Due to his clumsiness a home with children 10 or older might be best.
He needs a foster or permanent home that has dog or breed experience, and that is caring and understanding of his special needs, and that will be committed to providing him continued training, proper socialization, and daily exercise.  Finley needs someone who will spend daily time with him on continued training, playing, and exercise!

Please share this post so that Finley can find his fur-ever home!  He’s an awesome dog that was pulled from a high-kill shelter, given a second chance at life and is learning more everyday!”

View Finley’s profile on Petfinder!

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