Orijens Review and Giveaway

Orijens Review and Giveaway | lolathepitty.co

Orijens Review and Giveaway | lolathepitty.com


Well hello from Colorado!

Incase you haven’t heard, we have a little giveaway goin’ on with all the awesome dog products pictured above.

We’re kind of (okay, really) picky about what we feed our dogs. My grandfather on the other hand, believes that if he takes a bite of his cinnamon roll, the dogs also need one. Yeah, we’ll save that post for another day.

Orijens Review and Giveaway | lolathepitty.com

I’m pretty pumped about this giveaway because we have already spent our fair share of paychecks on Orijens and Acana products (both Champion Pet Food products, which is what we feed Lola) and obviously love their stuff.

But these treats and the freeze dried food was new to us, here’s what we sampled:

Here’s what we loved about the treats and food:

  • Resealable bag
  • Limited ingredients
  • The dogs went crazy over them (high value treats!)
  • Preservative-free

There’s honestly not much we don’t like about Orijens. The only downfall of these treats and food is they are a little on the pricey side. But then again, I can’t really say that’s a bad thing, because quite often, you pay for what you get. The bag of treats run around $15 for a 3.5 oz bag (approx. 85 treats) and the food is typically about $35-40 for a 16oz bag. And if you’re like me, you research everything on Dog Food Advisor and the food received 4 out of 5 stars and is ‘highly recommended’.

We have been giving Rio a small amount of the freeze dried food on top of his kibble, which has been working great for us. If you’ve never bought freeze dried food, it does take a little prep (as in, pouring warm water on top and waiting a few minutes) but it’s so much easier than many alternatives.

Orijens Review and Giveaway | lolathepitty.com

Okay, so who is ready for a giveaway? This giveaway is a little different that others that we’ve ran on here.

There is no entering via becoming a fan of mine on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. (because you already are, right? Right?).

But instead, we’re going to have a little guessing game . You guess where we were on our hike when we fueled Lola and Rio with the Orijen Regional and Alberta Wild Boar Dog Treats.

Guess the name of the trail we are on (list in the comments below) to win this Orijen’s prize pack from Chewy.com! Be sure to include your email so we can contact you.

(Open to U.S. Residents only, please. Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 24 hours)


Orijens Review and Giveaway | lolathepitty.com


This giveaway is all made possible by Chewy.com who…if you haven’t, you need to.

Natural Dog Company Paw Products Review + Giveaway!

Natural Dog Company Paw Products Review + Giveaway! lolathepitty.com

Natural Dog Company Paw Products Review + Giveaway! lolathepitty.com

I was researching what we could do to protect Lola and Rio’s paw pads (mostly in the winter) when I came across Natural Dog Company.

I wanted to find a product that would protect their paws without having to put on dreaded booties. Those things never stay on!

Now, if you live in Miami you’re probably laughing right now.

But yes, our dog’s can’t stand to be outside for longer than a quick pee when Minnesota winter hits. They start doing the one-paw-up dance while hopping around.

Not to mention, their feet have endured some wear and tear over the past year or so and they lost those soft puppy pads.

So yeah, you can say I was pretty happy when I received a package with Paw Tector and Paw Soother from Natural Dog Company!

The Paw Tector is a wax that you rub on your dog’s paws and it creates a barrier that protects from the frigid cold (or hot!). And it works.

My only problem now is that Rio wants to lick it all off. But that’s fine because they use 100% natural and safe ingredients. I’m thinking about rubbing some on my own heels. Pretty certain it’d work.

Next time around I would consider buying the twist-up version though (which looks like a stick of deodorant) because I found it would be a little quicker to apply.

Natural Dog Company Paw Products Review + Giveaway! lolathepitty.com

Then there’s the Paw Soother, which is an organic 100% all-natural oil and herbal-based blend. Paw Soother is meant to be used on rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads. *Ahem*, Rio.

It has ingredients such as mango butter, rosemary extract, lavender, shea butter, and other stuff that I’m (again) tempted to use on myself.

Did I mention it smells awesome?

Okay – let’s get to the good stuff. A giveaway!

I encourage you to enter your name in the “hat”, because why not? One lucky winner will be shipped their own (beautifully gift wrapped) kit filled with the Paw Tector and Paw Soother. While you’re at it, check out Natural Dog Company’s other awesome products such as their Snout Soother.

*Please note: entries will be verified by Lola. In other words, no cheating.*

Natural Dog Company Paw Products Review + Giveaway! lolathepitty.com
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Open to U.S. Residents. Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to reply before a new winner will be chosen.*

7 Gifts for Pit Bull Advocates

Holiday Gift Guide for Pit Bull Lovers and Advocates! lolathepitty.com

Holiday Gift Guide for Pit Bull Lovers and Advocates! lolathepitty.com

Okay, by now you’ve all seen my Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers, right?

Let’s hope so…some supa’ cute stuff in there which I’m glad I own. Well this gift guide is all about the pibbles and pibble lovers.



Below I’ve listed several super awesome 2015 calendars along with the low down on each of them. Pick & choose. You really can’t go wrong.

1. The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks. They’ve been going strong for more than a decade + 100% of the proceeds are donated to pit bull dog rescue and advocacy organizations. I mean, really – this rocks. They rock. Plus, I already want to frame the cover of the 2015 calendar, so I might need to get it just for that. Mom…dad? Details for ordering below, *wink, wink*.

Order the Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar here

Holiday Gift Guide for Pit Bull Advocates - lolathepitty.com (The Unexpected Pit Bull calendar!)

2.  Little Darling’s Pinups for Pitbulls Book (or calendar).
Founded in 2005, Deirdre “Little Darling” Franklin’s Pinups for Pitbulls has become a phenomenon in the world of animal advocacy! Drawing on her background in modeling, “Little Darling” created a calendar like no other featuring eye-catching pinup girls and their pit bull pups, in era-appropriate style.

Purchase the Pinups for Pitbulls book here


3. Real Men Rescue Pit Bulls Calendar. Breed advocate and supporter, The Pit Bull Princess, is offering this calendar featuring cute guys and their pit bulls + 25% is donated to rescues – win, win. (You’ll also be happy to know that Roo Yori and Wallace the Pit Bull are featured in this calendar!)

Purchase the “Real Men Rescue Pit Bulls Calendar” here


4. Sula Foundation’s Pit Bull Calendar

Many of you know or have heard the name, Ken Foster. He’s not only the author of I’m a Good Dog, but he’s the founder of the Sula Foundation. They are doing some awesome things in the pit bull advocacy world and any chance you have to support them – please do.

Purchase a Sula Foundation Calendar here

Sula foundation Calendar

Clothing & Jewelry

5. “All I Want To Do is Drink Coffee, Save Pit Bulls & Take Naps” T-Shirt

True or true? Purchase Coffee, Pit Bulls, & Naps t-shirt here


6. KAE-O Pit Bull Mom T-Shirt. Also featured in my original dog lover’s holiday gift guide, but too cute not to include again!

Visit KAE-O to purchase.


7. Sterling Silver Pit Bull Necklace. So cute, yet classy.

Purchase on Etsy here.


p.s. aren’t these sugar skull pit bull earrings the cutest? These would make an awesome stocking stuffer!
Purchase on Etsy here.


Other stuff you’ll love:

*5 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Dog

*5 Ways to Advocate for Pit Bulls


Holiday Gift Guide For Dog Lovers: 2014

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers!

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers!

If you’re like me, come mid-November you are wandering aimlessly around TJ Maxx and Macy’s looking for gifts, only to find stuff for yourself. Happens. Every. Time.

So I’m here to save you from buying pumpkin spiced body lotion, candles and whatever other good-for-anyone-gift and get the dog lover on your list something that they’ll love. And use.

I’ve spent a lot of time finding companies and products that are making a difference in their communities, have awesome products, and that I love. I think you will, too. Enjoy!

1. KAE-O Clothing

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers!

Born From Love. Driven By Passion. Fighting for Life.”

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers - Pit Bull Mom T-shirt

KAE-O is fighting against the abuse and abandonment of pit bulls by donating 25% of its proceeds to their current non profit partner (currently Karma Rescue in California).

If their mission isn’t enough to persuade you, their amazingly comfy and stylish clothing will. Because we’ve all bought that Gildan cardboard t-shirt that while yes, a portion of the proceeds went to a good cause, is never going to be worn. Not with their clothes! The ‘Save a Life’ hoodie I’m wearing in the photo is seriously my favorite sweatshirt, hands down.

2. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers - Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. was started by Jordan Karcher, who just so happens to be a rescue dog owner himself.  The company was born out of his passion to give back to the animals by offering delicious coffee – two of the most important things in my life!

Fair trade, organic coffee company where 20% of all revenue received is donated to rescue groups. Pretty awesome.  And coming from a coffee snob, I’m confident in saying that you’ll love their coffee.

Even Lola and Rio approve.

3. Woo Woo Workshop ID Tags

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers - Woo Woo Workshop Dog Accessories

I’ve been swooning over these dog tags for quite a while after finding them on Etsy. And after getting to know owner and founder, Melissa, I knew it was a company I’d proudly stand behind. Their customer service is top-notch, their designs are amazing, and they are very reasonably priced!

Check out the full line of unique, artisan, pet oriented id tags & accessories from Woo Woo Workshop!

And trust me, we have definitely heard our fair share of the “woo woo” song!

4. Great books for dog lovers!

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers - Great books to buy

If you haven’t read the story of Wallace the pit bull you’re missing out. This book will have you laughing, tearing up, and cheering Wallace on in every chapter. Pit bull advocates and dog lovers alike will enjoy this amazing true story of an underdog who rose to the top, becoming one of the most influential pit bulls in history!

*For a $25 donation to Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation, you will receive a Wallace book, pawtographed with Wallace’s paw stamp! Each book is hand stamped from an image of Wallace’s actual paw print taken on the day he passed. Purchase on WallaceThePitBull.com!

If there’s anyone that has a magnificent way with words it’s Ken Foster, author of I’m a Good Dog. His insight, intelligence and stories will move you beyond words. Fellow pit bull lovers, this book is a true gift; one that should be given and received.

*Purchase I’m a Good Dog by Ken Foster through Amazon.com.

 5. Pet Subscription Box


Subscription boxes just might be taking over the world and for good reason: they are a darn good idea. I mean, who doesn’t like to get packages in the mail? I feel like a giddy nine year old waiting for a package to come – so knowing that something for my dogs would be coming every month (and what’s inside is a surprise!), is a perfect gift.

I personally recommend BarkBox – they are a great company who believes in giving back (they’re a sponsor for the Monster Holiday Drive we are participating in and will donate one box to our drive for every subscription)! This box is guaranteed to brighten you and your dog’s day when it arrives at your doorstep each month!

6. Spot Farms Treats

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers - Spot Farms Treats

These aren’t your average bag of dog treats, people; these are more like the filet mignon of dog treats. I’m kind of picky about what goes in our dogs mouths if you haven’t already noticed. And there’s no doubt that they eat cleaner and healthier than I do. Check out our review of Spot Farms treats from earlier in 2014!

We love that Spot Farms offers human grade treats made using the very best antibiotic-free meats from farm families across the U.S. You won’t find any fillers such as corn, wheat or soy in their treats!

“We make sure our treats are chock full of things that are good for your dog, like antioxidant-rich cranberries and Omega-3–rich flaxseeds.” -Spot Farms

Find Spot Farms dog treats at Petco, Wag.com and too many other places to list, ha. Check out their site for the deets.

7. Homemade Dog Biscuits

If you have the time and you’re looking for a small thoughtful gift to hand out to a handful of friends, homemade dog treat recipes are totally fun to make (and cost effective)! Get creative and package them in cute little bags. Here are a couple of my favorite treats that would package well:

Mint Buckwheat Dog Biscuits

Homemade Mint Buckwheat Dog Biscuits

Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Peanut butter Banana + Flax seed dog biscuits

8. Toys & Fashion

Just a few of our favorite toys that I know your pups will love! And the monkey hoodie – totally adorable!!!

Lola the Pitty's Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

a. Jolly Ball – ever since we found this toy, we can’t keep Lola or Rio away from it!

b. Kong Wobbler Food and Treat Dispensing Dog Toy – entertainment galore.

c. Monkey Hoodie by Chilly Dog – the ears on this hoodie make it over-the-top cute!

d. Chuck-It. a.k.a. your best friend if your dog obsesses over tennis balls as ours do.

There ya have it, we hope you love these ideas as much as we do!

Keep your eyes peeled for a pit bull lovers’ specific gift guide, as I’ve got plenty of ideas up my sleeve.

Lola’s Top 5 Dog Toys (+ Giveaway!)

Lola's Top 5 Dog Toys - lolathepitty.com

Lola and Rio love their toys. But we’ve definitely learned a lesson or two on toys that work for them versus others that leave shreds of mess around the house. Or yard.

It is also no surprise that Lola loves tennis balls. But squeaky tennis balls are a whole other story. The peanut butter to her jelly.

So can you imagine the look on her face when her grandma brings over a double-sided tennis ball? Yeah, we have a couple of these laying around our living room at all times.

Which brings us to our first of five of Lola’s favorite dog toys.

One: Kong AirDog Dumbbell

Double-sided tennis ball. Squeaker. Unpredictable bounce.’Nuff said.

Two: Kong Wobbler

We just finally got our hands on one of these a couple weeks ago. I’ll admit, I was hesistant to purchase one because they are around $20, but let me tell you – they are well worth the cost. I fill these with tiny little training treats or even kibble and watch her push this giant toy around the living room. Onto the tile. Down the stairs. Down the second set of stairs. And repeat until all treats or food is gone.

It is hilarious to see the different styles of retrieving treats out of the Wobbler. Lola literally slaps it with her paws and muscles it around until the treats magically pop out. Rio takes a more methodical approach; sniffing the hole, attempting to reach his paw inside the tiny hole and slowly pushes it around with his nose or paw.

Lola's Top 5 Favorite Dog Toys

Three: Hero Discs

We had a little trial and error phase of which canine discs to use that lasted longer than five minutes. Hero brand disc (and a couple others) are our favorites! We have to use a slightly heavier/thicker disc due to her intensity and eagerness to catch the disc. But bring these to the park and you’ll have Lola’s attention over everything else!

Four: The classic Kong

This has to be on the top of the list for Lola and myself. Fill it with peanut butter, kibble, or treats and entertain the pups (or throw around for a fun toy to chase). We probably use our Kong more than any other dog toy in the house. A classic favorite: frozen peanut butter stuffed Kongs when we are going to be gone for a few hours.

Five: Scrunch Squirrel

Stuffed animals have very short life spans around our house. Luckily this is a un-stuffed animal and has an elastic cord in it, making it extra fun to fling around! This squirrel was actually one of Lola’s first toys as a pup. There isn’t much of “Stretchy” left, but we cannot throw him away. Any time we bring Stretchy back out of the dog toy box (yes, this exists), Lola’s eyes light up!

Now, what better way to end an article (teasing you with all these awesome toys) then with a giveaway?

The KONG Company has offered to giveaway an awesome prize pack to one lucky winner consisting of the Kong Wobbler, Classic Kong and the Kong AirDog Dumbbell!

If you aren’t interested in winning these gifts for yourself, please still consider entering and “paw” it forward –  donating the gift to a special dog in need.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest open to U.S. Residents only. Some of the products used in this post were donated by KONG Company. All opinions are honest and my own.

Spot Farms Treats & Giveaway!

Ok, so we’ve seen those dog treat reward continuums, right?

Where the treats range from low to high value (to your dog’s liking) and you decide what treats are appropriate for your dog due to the different distraction level. Well these treats are definitely on the far end of the “highest value” side.

It was a battle of who can do the coolest trick to get the treat as soon as they each got a taste.

Rio is hilarious, as soon as the treats come out, without any word from me, he begins his performance.

“I sat. Okay, that didn’t work – how about down?! Roll over?! Bow? Shake! It’s gotta be shake!  Momma, where are the treats!?!”

Meanwhile, I’m just cracking up at my oh-so willing little guy and Lola patiently waiting in her posture-perfect sit. They are complete and total opposites but I love them both more than I could ever imagine.

Okay, honestly though, I was about to dig into these Spot Farms dog treats myself. Here are the ingredients in the Chicken Strip with Glucosamine & Chondroitin treats:

Chicken, Brown Rice Syrup, Salt, Natural Flavor, Turmeric, Vinegar and Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract.

And the Hickory Smoked Turkey Bacon?

 Turkey, Brown Rice Flour, Honey, Salt, Vinegar, Celery, Natural Flavoring, Black Carrot Powder, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract and Beet Color.

What I loved:

  • Lola & Rio went bonkers over them, more than usual
  • Great ingredients (especially with Lola and her never ending developing allergies)
  • They’re obviously made in the USA otherwise they wouldn’t even be on this blog
  • The addition of Glucosamine (500mg/kg in the chicken treats), Omega-3’s and other healthy goodness for your dog
  • Antibiotic-free meat
  • Simple, all natural recipes
  • 100% human-grade ingredients
  • Resealable bag

They are on the expensive side though, at $15+ a bag. But that’s really becoming pretty standard now with quality dog treats and these are a 12.5oz bag.

Spot Farms Giveaway - on lolathepitty.com!

Okay, so let’s get to the good stuff: treats for your pup! I’m giving away TWO large (12.5 oz) bags of Spot Farms Treats and ONE training treat pouch!

The two bags of treats are (1) Chicken Strip with Glucosamine & Chondroitin (2) Hickory Smoked Turkey Bacon

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My favorite part about these treats though has to be the notice on the bag: *Made for your pet to eat, not you!. #Dangit

Check ’em out, their treats are now available at Petco, Unleashed by Petco and on wag.com!


The products used in this post & giveaway were donated by Spot Farms in exchange for my honest review.

Kurgo Dog Backpack Review

Kurgo dog backpack review | lolathepitty.com

Lola is such a cooperative little model for me…I have to give her props. Doesn’t she look cute in her new dog pack?

I’ll admit, we already had a dog backpack that we bought last year and ended up wearing it TWICE. Ugh, don’t you hate when you do that? Our excuse was it didn’t fit right because it didn’t. It sat there and flopped around on her back which was not at all what we intended.

Lola can be hard to fit because for one, she’s a little pocket pitty and usually in-between sizes and for two, her girth(chest) measures about two to three times bigger than her waist. I know, I’m jealous too. But this makes it hard, especially when fitting a backpack.

The nice thing about this Kurgo dog pack is that it is fully adjustable. Seriously, I think it took me about 10 minutes to adjust all the straps (each strap adjusts on the top and the bottom) where it was snug so it won’t bounce around, but not too tight.

Copy this code for 20% off:  KURGO20WIN  then click on the photo below:

Travel With Your Dog with Kurgo Adventure Products!

The pack fits like a harness, with a chest plate and the straps are non-restricting. The top has an ergonomic padded/ventilated design and fit very comfortably.

The leash hook is on the back which also happens to double as a bottle opener. Nifty…

Kurgo Dog Backpack Review - Lolathepitty.com
The pouches/saddle bags are a great size (and adjustable). They are big but not TOO big where they are getting in the way. As you can see, we have them adjusted so they sit right on the side of Lola’s body.

Kurgo dog backpack review | lolathepitty.com

I could probably fit their dog food, water and any emergency kit supplies in it without weighing her down too much. I was chatting with Beverly over at Hiking with Fido and she mentioned that a good rule of thumb she uses is don’t allow them to carry over 15% of their body weight. This of course depends on how far you are going, medical conditions that your dog may have and their activity level. If you want your dog to carry more, condition them to do so first.

update – after using this dog pack for a few months, I noticed that it can be difficult to ‘balance’ out. Either that or Lola walks unevenly. I also noticed that on long hikes it seems to rub under her arms and irritate her skin (after all, she has virtually no fur there) – I might try adding a fleece cover to the straps and prevent some of that rubbing.

Do you have a dog pack?! What type do you use?

New Collars & Giveaway!

I’m so excited about these collars. When I began looking on the dogIDs website, there were about 50 different things I could have ordered! I love the sleek look and design of their collars and the fact that the tags are built right into many of the collars!


Isn’t this collar adorable!? Lola was wondering why I was creepin’ on her and taking photos from behind; hence the laid back ears. She can never hide her emotions, which I totally love about her. She is 110% personality.

Anyways, here’s what I love about the Soft Grip collar from dogIDs:

*Tough, yet smooth material with stainless steel hardware – I love the way it feels and it won’t corrode.

*There are TONS of colors to choose from. I couldn’t resist this gorgeous purple color for Ms. Lola.

*Waterproof and odor resistant – okay, let’s be serious, you will NOT catch Lola jumping in the lake or swimming but she does manage to get dirty and this collar is so easy to clean – just wipe it off.

*You can change the text on the nameplate at anytime! I was a little worried about printing my phone number on the tag because what if I change it down the road!? But for five bucks, you send them the collar and they update the name tag. Sold.

*No tags jingling or being lost.

We used to have a super cute dog tag with ‘Lola’ printed on it with our phone numbers and yadda yadda, then we accidently hooked the leash to it versus the D-ring, Lola saw a squirrel and it went flying…into 6 feet of snow. Yeah, we never saw that tag again :(. Now I always keep their rabies tags in the car for this same reason, they’ll lose them.


Yay! Rio got his first leather collar. Fancy schmancy, huh? In my opinion (as certified crazy dog lady), I believe every dog needs a leather collar. You know, for those special occasions like bringing them to the pet store to pick up poo bags. Rio has already received so many compliments on his collar and questions of, “Where did you get that!?”.

I can’t believe we had to order a 16″ collar for my baby! He’s getting to be all grown up. Being that Rio is Rio and he has this super loving personality, I had to personalize his dogIDs nameplate to something bubbly so I chose, “Hello, I’m Rio”. Whenever we are at the park, he greets every single person and does the ‘lean-against-your-leg’ for pats and rubs. This way, he gets to introduce himself!

This leather collar with last him forever and they get softer & softer with time. And this one is so unique because of the placement of the name plate. Rio is wearing the 1″ wide collar but they also have one that is slightly thinner. And again, you can change the name plate at anytime, so don’t stress too much about what to put on it.

Now, onto the giveaway!

dogIDs.com was awesome enough to offer a matching Soft Grip collar AND leash (valued at $63), just like the one Lola is wearing above – but of course in your choice of color.


You may enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter widget below. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Giveaway is open to US residents only. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond to claim the prize, otherwise an alternative winner will be chosen. Note: All opinions are honest and my own. DogIDs sent me the collars at no cost for my honest review.)

The Scrunchie Leash

Scrunchie Leash Review - LolathePitty.com

This leash is literally every extendable leash owners solution. (I’ll admit, we used one but ONLY because we live in a townhome and have to go outside with our dogs every time they have to do their business.)

However, the Scrunchie Leashes are awesome because they stretch, giving your dog freedom to roam a bit (but without having to deal with a big plastic handle and buttons on those Flexi leads), plus they don’t drag or get caught under a front leg.

What I loved about the leash:

  • It never drags or tangles between the dog’s feet
  • Stretches out an additional two feet (great for taking our dogs outside for potty breaks – freedom to roam without going too far!)
  • Large hardware which is easy to clip onto the dog’s collar (especially helpful when you have big bulky gloves on in the winter!)
  • Machine washable
  • Comfy to hold

Scrunchie Leash Review - LolathePitty.com

As much as I like my dog collars (as you may already know from my Dog Collar Obsession board on Pinterest), I also love leashes and have multiple leashes for different situations.

‘A’ and I stick to our leather leashes for walks (simply because we are still working on heeling and use a shorter leash). The only issue I could see with this leash is that is does extend and you would have to gather it up in your hand to get dogs that try to pull to stay by your side.

I’ve found for us this leash is perfect for the casual take-the-dog-out potty break – they’re comfy to hang onto & have large hardware, for easy clipping on!

Scrunchie Leash Review - LolathePitty.com

But one of the most important things about Scrunchie Leash…their ethics:

“We believe that business should be done with people who care about those around them.
We strive to show that we care in the following ways:
We pay double the cost of material in order to use Organic Cotton because we care about treating the environment with respect.
We manufacture in the USA because we believe business should be local and ethical.
We donate 5% of profits to local animal shelters because we care about helping the animals find a loving home.
We volunteer to give a shelter dog a walk every time a leash is sold, because we believe your time is the most valuable gift you can give.”

Check ’em out & let me know what you think!

P.s. use the code ‘Lola’ for a 10% discount on ScrunchieLeash.com 

+ When you use that code, an additional 10% of that order will be donated to a local shelter!

 You’ll also love:

Homemade Mint Buckwheat Dog Biscuits


*I received two leashes from Scrunchie Leash at no charge for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.*

The Freedom No-Pull Harness

The Freedom No-Pull Harness (by 2 Hounds Design) Review - Via Lolathepitty.com

Finally. A harness that rocks my socks off.

As you might have read in my collar debate post, we’ve had quite the experience with ‘tools’ for dealing with Lola’s pulling. This one pretty much solves all of our problems and this is what we used when teaching her how to walk on a loose leash. Until this harness (the Freedom No-Pull Harness from 2 Hounds Design), we had been making due with our other harness known as the Easy Walk. While it did help the pulling – if she became squirmy, she could squirm her way right out of it. Not to mention it was somewhat restricting when she was running, so it was really only good when we were walking. Then there was that time that she tried to jump into the back of the car…she almost landed on her head because of the loss of movement in the front shoulder/chest area.

But this harness literally solved all of our issues. It has an option for a front attaching leash (I typically walk Lola using the front attachment with a two or four-foot leather leash), or you can use the D-ring attached to the martingale style loop on the back of the harness (which tightens to a certain point when the dog pulls), OR attach a leash to both. Plus, it does not restrict her movement so she is even able to jump up in the back of the SUV and we even wear it to flyball class! The ‘handle’ on the back works perfect ;).

This is probably one of my favorite features – a velvety padded strap that goes under the belly and front legs. Your short haired dogs will thank you.


The Freedom No-Pull Harness review - Via Lolathepitty.com

Another one of the features that you won’t find on other similar harnesses: the martingale loop which tightens to a certain point if the dog pulls.

I also love that you can get just about any color combination you want. I’m totally lovin’ the turquoise and silver one!

The Freedom No-Pull Harness review - Via Lolathepitty.com

You can add this training leash to your order: it is a one-handle leash that has two straps: one attaching to the front of the harness and one to the back. I took Rio out on this and while it was nice to have it attaching to the front and back of the harness for additional control points, I found myself fiddling with the leashes, tightening up one while letting the other a little looser – so I ultimately ended up having to hold onto the actual leash part vs. the handle. (But that was just with Rio at a public event where he was very interested in everything going on around us.)

Just an added bonus, Alisha was awesome to work with and 2 Hounds Design is all about giving back by donating & raising money for adoption groups!

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The Freedom No-Pull Harness (by 2 Hounds Design) Review - Via Lolathepitty.com

Check out the Freedom No-Pull Harness and while you’re at it…the amazing collar collection from 2 Hounds Design.

Okay, I think Lola is beginning to get a little bored of our mini photo shoot, hah.


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I received this harness from 2 Hounds Design at no charge for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.