5 Ways to Advocate for Pit Bulls: October is Pit Bull Awareness Month

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October: a great month if you ask me. An entire month dedicated to raising awareness for pit bulls. Also – Pit Bull Awareness Day is October 25th!

While this is no different really than any month around this household, it is a great opportunity to spotlight pit bulls by educating,promoting adoption, responsible ownership and much more.

One of the things I’ve noticed which we inherit as a responsible pit bull owner: having to advocate for our dogs. We don’t necessarily choose it, but more or less fall into it. At one point or another, we will be presented with a situation where we have to stand up for our dog. Even though, as fellow pit bull owners know our dog is just a dog.

Here I’ve compiled five awesome, positive ways to advocate for pit bulls:

1. Share positive stories about pit bulls

Sites such as the Best Friends Animal Society, Huffington Post, several animal rescue pages, Lolathepitty.com (wink, wink) often publish stories about pit bulls in a positive light. You don’t necessarily have to point out “Hey look! It’s a pit bull doing something positive”, but more along the lines of, this is a really awesome or touching story and hey, the dog just so happens to be a “pit bull”.

2. Allow your dog to do the talkin’

Bring your (willing) breed ambassador to dog-friendly events and stores. Your presence and behavior will speak volumes for itself without saying a peep. Actions generally speak louder than words. But of course, if anyone asks about your pibble, feel free to proudly brag like any parent would.

3. Do Your Research

Before you see a post somewhere on social media that sets you off, think before you type (or talk). Let’s educate ourselves and become well informed advocates. The Unexamined Dog has a great article on ways to advocate for “pit bulls” and if you haven’t previously, check out Drayton Michaels.

4. Raise Positive Awareness with Gear

Yes, gear. For example, display a “My Pit Bull is Family” magnet on your car or wear a shirt that promotes pit bulls in a positive light – just a couple examples.

5. Make Friends

Neighbors, people you meet at the dog park or events, family, coworkers – these are all people that you may interact with on a fairly regular basis. Without even thinking, you are advocating for your dog by sharing pictures, positive experiences and best of all, having them meet your dog. Many people have neutral feelings about “pit bulls” but I can tell you that I personally have changed opinions of a few that would have otherwise “never trusted a pit bull”. Every positive experience makes a difference.


*Find out how National Pit Bull Awareness Month began!

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16 Replies to “5 Ways to Advocate for Pit Bulls: October is Pit Bull Awareness Month”

  1. This is beyond a fantastic post. Thank you. I have a friend with a pit bull and he’s the sweetest dog on the planet and it breaks my heart whenever I read or hear about how these beautiful dogs are misunderstood.

    1. Thank you so much, Kimberly! I think the more people that actually meet with and know a pit bull will begin to change their negative opinions. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the article Sarah! Thanks for sticking up for the “underdog.” (pun intended) Through having 5 pitties altogether, 3 with Facebook pages, we have had many people tell us that they have new opinions about pit bull type dogs. Some have even adopted them because of what they learned!

    1. Hi Walter,
      Thanks for stopping by! We love what you and your family do for these animals, you’re amazing advocates – keep up the awesome work.

  3. Amazing post!! I have had nothing but positive experiences with pitties; since becoming involved in rescue, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite breeds. I educate people whenever, wherever I can! Sharing this post 🙂

  4. I once was a little leary of pit bulls only because of social media. My BFF found this lil pup all by his self on the side of the road he had been dumped so he picks him up brings him home. Calls me and I go get him. My life and way of thinking was changed forever. As he grew I was told he was a pit bull I didn’t care he was so different from any other dog I’ve ever had he was so devoted to me and the connection we had was amazing. The stereo types went strait out the window. He was so good with my grandson. He changed my parents mind about the breed my friends we went everywhere together everyone loved him. He passed a year ago. I rescued another pit and well he isn’t much different than the first love of my life. We make a perfect pair.

  5. I like the idea of telling good stories about pitbulls to change perceptions about the breed. While I have never owned one I have friends who own them and they can be great dogs. Also, backing up your claims with research on pitbulls is a really great idea! Thanks for the tips on advocating for pitbulls!

  6. I have 3 pitbulls and I love them to the moon and back. The best dogs i’ve ever had. They love kids and their very protective of our family. Any dog can be aggressive if trained to be that way. There is nothing different between breeds I don’t care what kind of breed it is. I get so tired of reading about how mean the pitbull is thats just stupid. have you been around those little ankle biting dogs their more aggressive than a pibull.

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