The Scrunchie Leash

Scrunchie Leash Review -

This leash is literally every extendable leash owners solution. (I’ll admit, we used one but ONLY because we live in a townhome and have to go outside with our dogs every time they have to do their business.)

However, the Scrunchie Leashes are awesome because they stretch, giving your dog freedom to roam a bit (but without having to deal with a big plastic handle and buttons on those Flexi leads), plus they don’t drag or get caught under a front leg.

What I loved about the leash:

  • It never drags or tangles between the dog’s feet
  • Stretches out an additional two feet (great for taking our dogs outside for potty breaks – freedom to roam without going too far!)
  • Large hardware which is easy to clip onto the dog’s collar (especially helpful when you have big bulky gloves on in the winter!)
  • Machine washable
  • Comfy to hold

Scrunchie Leash Review -

As much as I like my dog collars (as you may already know from my Dog Collar Obsession board on Pinterest), I also love leashes and have multiple leashes for different situations.

‘A’ and I stick to our leather leashes for walks (simply because we are still working on heeling and use a shorter leash). The only issue I could see with this leash is that is does extend and you would have to gather it up in your hand to get dogs that try to pull to stay by your side.

I’ve found for us this leash is perfect for the casual take-the-dog-out potty break – they’re comfy to hang onto & have large hardware, for easy clipping on!

Scrunchie Leash Review -

But one of the most important things about Scrunchie Leash…their ethics:

“We believe that business should be done with people who care about those around them.
We strive to show that we care in the following ways:
We pay double the cost of material in order to use Organic Cotton because we care about treating the environment with respect.
We manufacture in the USA because we believe business should be local and ethical.
We donate 5% of profits to local animal shelters because we care about helping the animals find a loving home.
We volunteer to give a shelter dog a walk every time a leash is sold, because we believe your time is the most valuable gift you can give.”

Check ’em out & let me know what you think!

P.s. use the code ‘Lola’ for a 10% discount on 

+ When you use that code, an additional 10% of that order will be donated to a local shelter!

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*I received two leashes from Scrunchie Leash at no charge for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.*

9 Replies to “The Scrunchie Leash”

  1. The biggest problem with extendable leashes is that they can cause significant harm to your dog. If you tend to just let your dog take whatever amount of leash they want without locking it to a specific length, there’s a strong chance that your dog could end up with damage to the voicebox or neck if they bolt off after something. When that extendible leash stops extending, it’s a very abrupt stop for Fido.

    The Scrunchie Leash seems like it will address that by only giving a very little extra bit of wiggle room (two feet) compared to the fifteen feet of running room a typical extendable leash gives. I agree with the comments about this being great for getting outside for bathroom breaks and not being a great leash to try and control a dog that may be pulling or have any behavioral items that need correcting while on leash.

    1. I agree – I truly dislike the extendable leashes. Like you said, if they bolt after a squirrel or something, they can really cause damage to their trachea. Thanks for commenting.

  2. With so many people speaking out against these leashes, it’s nice to see that someone came up with a potential solution. We use regular leashes. Since I have multiple dogs, it’s the only way for me to go, but I do see many people with extendable leashes.

    Thanks for sharing. These are cute too.

    1. Hi Kimberly,
      I had just had very bad luck with the extendable/Flexi’s, not to mention rope burn! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Cute! I can see how these would be useful for those quick potty breaks where training is not necessarily taking place. But mostly I just think they’re adorable!

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      They are super cute! I love this color in the photo, it’s called “avocado” :). Thanks for commenting!

  4. This morning we tried it out on our morning walk, it was the first time we tried the scrunchie leash, and I think both of us were excited. The leash is elastic, which allows for it to shrink when the dog is beside you, preventing not to be tangled under my feet. For me it seems like a great alternative to the Flexi-lead.

    1. Hi Amanda, I agree! I loved that it wouldn’t tangle and you don’t have to fuss with anything or worry about picking up the extra slack. Plus it’s just enough extra room to extend, without giving TOO much. Thanks for commenting!

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