Meet Oxford: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Oxford: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for a brindle and look at this guy! Oxford is stunning. Those eyes remind me of Mama Emma’s…

Not really sure why Oxford has been waiting forever for his home but he has and that’s why we’re stepping in to give this guy a turbo boost in *hopefully* exposing him to his ‘furever’ family.

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Oxford find his ‘fur-ever’ home!

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UPDATE: Oxford has been adopted as of May 2014!

Male Pit Bull | Good with dogs & cats | House and Crate trained | Best with older/respectful children | Knows lots of commands and tricks!

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A little more about Oxford:

“Hello!  My name is Oxford, but you already know this much. The name fits me very well since I am nothing but a sophisticated and very handsome gentleman! I really enjoy going on my daily walks, playing with my foster brothers (a great dane and a pit bull), playing fetch, playing with toys and bones and snuggling with my foster family!

I know a lot of fun tricks including sit, shake, lay down, roll over, stay, high five, and I keep learning daily!  I am house trained and crate trained.

While I do not live with children on a daily basis, the neighborhood children I meet on a daily basis I am very respectful to.  I really enjoy the children who like to give me treats and rub my belly but I should go to a home with children 13 or older!

I would LOVE to become a part of your family if you would give me a chance.  I promise to love you unconditionally and give you puppy tail wags and kisses daily!!

If you are interested in meeting Oxford, please fill out an application on or use the contact form on their website.

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Prada: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Prada - adoptable dog of the week via Wags & Whiskers - @lolathepitty

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Prada find her ‘fur-ever’ home!

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Prada’s story breaks my heart…She had been used primarily for breeding before being brought into rescue. Then in November or 2011, Wags & Whiskers brought in Prada and her ELEVEN puppies. All of her puppies are now grown up and have been in their forever homes for some time, but Prada is still waiting. It’s now 2014 – that is an awful long time to wait. Let’s help this sweetheart’s perfect family find her.

Prada | 3 years old | House trained | would make a great running partner! | friendly with other dogs (but gets too excited sometimes)

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From the foster:

“My name is Prada Jane, but I also have the name PJ, Peej, Prada J, Prodigy and the list goes on.  If you call me any of these names, I will wiggle my butt and give you kisses if you let me!  I am a three-year-old pit bull and I have had a rough start to life, but I don’t let it get me down.  My previous owner used me for breeding. My most recent litter was 11 puppies and my owner got rid of all of us.

I am a happy ball of energy and I would do best in an experienced home where I can get lots of exercise. I would make a great running buddy! I know my basic commands and how to walk nicely on a leash.  I get along with other dogs, but sometimes I get a bit too excited.  I am just so happy to get to be a dog now.

I am still learning some of the joys of being a pet, and it makes me grin from ear to ear.  I would love it if you came to meet me and considered making me a part of your family. I promise to greet you with a wiggling butt and a wagging tongue ready to give you kisses.”

If you are interested in meeting Prada, please fill out an application on or use the contact form on their website.

Vinny: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Vinny - Adoptable dog of the week in Minneapolis! Great with kids and other dogs! @lolathepitty

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60 lbs | 6 1/2 years old | Good with kids and dogs – cats unknown | Canine Good Citizen Certified! | Crate & Potty Trained

Vinny sounds like my kind of guy. He likes going on walks, sleeping, eating followed by a little play time…yep, I could totally deal with that. Now, Vinny just needs a home to call his own. He sounds like the perfect, easy going buddy. Before I forget, you have to check out Vinny’s before and after photos on his profile – such a transformation! Here’s a little more about Vinny…

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From the foster:

“Hubba Hubba this hunky fella is one big teddy bear.  Vinny, aka Captian Naughty Pants (CNP), is our resident charmer who can melt even the coldest of hearts (which comes in quite handy during our MN winters).  A perfect day for CNP would be a nice walk, a snack, a snooze, some scratches from his people, then repeat, repeat, repeat. So…why CNP? Foster mom says that sometimes stubborn, sassy, and too big for my britches gave him the nickname!

Did we mention that Vinny thinks that walks are just about the best thing ever.  Happily trotting along wagging his tail as he goes, he greets new people with an easy affability.  If you are looking for the perfect passenger in life and in your car Vinny was born to be your copilot.  Road trip, anyone!?

When he isn’t taking a stroll or riding along in your automobile, during his down time Vinny is quite content curl up in his kennel or invite you to join him on the couch for some R & R. And because we love him dearly, we can freely say that Vinny can be a bit of a dork – a smart, lovable, stubborn, funny, silly, dork.

Vinny is a total catch!  What are you waiting for?”

Vinny - adoptable dog of the week - Mpls, MN @lolathepitty
Photo credit: LP Reyes

We will turn this over to Captain Naughty Pants to answer some FAQs:

Do I know any tricks/commands?  I am all over sit, down, stay, kennel, still “learning” to walk nicely on a leash but I can pull and I am very strong. I recently took the American Kennel Club “Canine Good Citizen” test and passed with flying colors.

Am I crate trained?  I absolutely love my crate and will go in there all by myself when I want to chill out and relax.  However, I really prefer not to be locked in – please leave the door open as I think I must be what is called claustrophobic/  My foster mom has been working with me on this and is hopeful that I will one day be able to comfortably be in the crate with the door shut.  For now my foster mom leaves me in the guest room with an open door crate and I am the perfect gentleman.

What is my activity level?  Moderate.  I like to walk – but I am so not a runner. A couple of nice long walks each day make me really happy as I love to be out and about with my people.  Another dog to hang out with would be nice, but is not necessary. I like very short play sessions with my friends.

What are some fun things I do? Exploring the outdoors, laying in the sun, baking bread, eating, hiding my toys, and going to training class to learn new things.

Oh, yes! I almost forgot to tell you, Vinny has his very own Facebook page to keep you apprised of his latest adventures. Stop by and say hi!

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Vinny from A Rotta Love Plus find his ‘fur-ever’ home!

Uma – Adoptable Dog of the Week


Uma - Adoptable Dog of the Week on | Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue

Not that every adoptable dog I post isn’t perfect for someone….but Uma is truly an awesome dog. She was brought into rescue last December with her 10, yes 10(!), two-day old pups. Well the puppies are gone and Uma is still waiting. She is great with everyone – kids, dogs, and even cats! She is a young female that is pretty low key!

The best thing we can do for Uma is to SHARE her story and help her perfect family find her! Please share using the buttons above this post in hopes that this loving girl can find her fur-ever home. She truly deserves nothing but the best.

Below is more information on Uma and a little word from her foster:

Young Female| Pit Bull Mix | 60 pounds | Dog, Cat, & Kid Friendly | House & Crate Trained | Low Energy (but she still loves to exercise and play) | Adoption Fee: $300

From the Foster:

Uma came into rescue from the Bemidji area of Minnesota. The name Uma means “mother” which is fitting because Uma

View Uma’s profile on!

came to Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue last December with 10, two day-old puppies. She was a loving and attentive mother to her pups and needless to say, very busy.

Now that her puppies are gone, Uma’€™s personality has blossomed! She is a sweet, loyal dog who lives to please and loves being part of a family. Uma is a girl who likes the simple things in life: belly rubs, snuggling, chewing on bones, walks, and chasing after pine cones in the yard. Uma is quite tenderhearted.

She cannot tolerate yelling or angry words and must go to a household that is committed to positive discipline. Uma is an extra special dog (the kind that doesn’t’€™t come around very often) and she deserves an extra special home! Uma would be a wonderful companion for gentle, respectful children.

The dog will be taken off Petfinder when no longer available. Please visit Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue for adoption details and the adoption application.

View Uma’s Profile on or visit

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Poster Via Dr. Sophia Yin
Poster Via Dr. Sophia Yin



Ivy – Adoptable Dog of the Week


Click here for more information on meeting & adopting Ivy!

Look at this cute little pocket pitty! She reminds me so much of Lola…it must be the eye patch and size. Or wait, I think it’s the ears. Yep – definitely the ears. She is a petite little thing weighing in around 40 pounds!

Oh yeah and she’s good with other dogs (may need slow intros with new dogs), loves to play with her foster sister and had no reaction when she met the cat that lives downstairs in their house. Now the only thing I’m curious about – why oh why is this girl still available? Let’s give her a helping hand and share her story wherever we can!

Here’s a little more info about Ivy from her rescue, Minnesota Pit Bull:

American Staffordshire & Pit Bull Terrier Mix • 2 years old • 40 lbs • Female • House Trained • Crate Trained

Meet Ivy!
Nicknames: Sweet Girl, Ives
Profession: Snugglebug!
Age: approximately 2 years old

“Activity level: I have a pretty moderate activity level. I love to play my current foster sister, and can run around in the yard with her playing for a good long while. However, once I’m done playing I just love to curl up next to you or lay on the floor with a bone.

How I spend my time: When the humans get home, I get really excited and love to be hugged and snuggled right away. After greeting the humans, I like to play with my foster sister either by chasing each other in the yard or playing with toys with her. If I’m not playing with her, I like to snuggle up next to the humans for a good neck rub or just settle down by myself with a toy.

Things I know: I know what it means to go outside (and get very excited about it), and I am fully potty-trained. I know how to sit on command, too. I don’€™t mind being in my kennel and know to go in my kennel when foster mom opens the door and says so.

Things I am learning: I am still learning what ‘come’ means, but I’m getting better!

Kids: I don’€™t have much experience with kids.

Dogs: I play with my current foster sister almost constantly. We like to chase each other around the yard and play with toys together. Sometimes, it takes me a while to warm up to other dogs, but after time, I am good to go!

Cats: I met the cat downstairs a few weeks ago. All we did was look at each other for a few minutes, and then went our separate ways. I didn’t have all that much interest in him, and he didn’t have that much in me!

Size: I’m a pretty compact girl &€“ I haven’t been weighed yet, but I’€™m probably about 40-45 pounds, and I’m done growing!”

Adoption fee: $300+tax
All MN Pit Bull Rescue dogs are up to date on DHPP and Rabies, Spayed/Neutered, and Microchiped.
(please note: Ivy will be taken off Petfinder when no longer available.)
Please visit for adoption details and adoption application.

*Click HERE to view Ivy’s profile on*

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Isis – Adoptable Dog of the Week


View Isis’s profile and fill out an application on the MARS site here. (Update: Isis has been adopted!)

I have a weakness for dogs with eye patches. Had you noticed this much? Isis reminds me so much of a full-grown (female) version of Rio!

It is beyond me to why is she still looking for a home to call her own…

Poor Isis is another MARS dog that has been in rescue for way too long. And now she needs a new foster home on top of that. Please share this girl so that she doesn’t have to be stuck in boarding. She will be so confused if that happens and moving is already stressful enough on our dogs.

Here is a little more information about Isis:

*House trained!
*Crate trained!
*65 pounds
*4 years old
*American Staffordshire Terrier/American Bulldog

“This sweetie is from a local animal control and just wants to be loved. She would do best in a home with submissive or calm dogs , has lived with an elderly pug and has been around numerous other dogs but she doesnt care for the ones that half crazy energy and try to be in charge. She is ok around some kids, but needs to be with respectful children in her home that know when she needs her space. She enjoys walks and hanging with her family. She has waited a VERY long time to find her perfect furever home. Could it be you?”

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Tootsie – Adoptable Dog of the Week

Tootsie - adoptable pit bull living in Minnesota. Foster needed! Been in rescue for over 3 years.|

View Tootsie’s profile and fill out an application on the MARS site here.

I could not believe it when I heard that Tootsie has been in rescue for over THREE YEARS. Three whole years! As in, tres AÑOS. And on top of that, she has spent the last FIVE MONTHS in boarding because she does not have a foster home.

We need to get this baby the exposure she needs and get her into a foster home at the very least! She is super sweet and great with kids and people. No dogs or kitties for this girl. But I just know there is a family out there for her!

Here’s a little more info about Tootsie (hehe, I just love her name):

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Sex: Female, Size: 50 Pounds
Current Age: 3 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: No
Housetrained: Yes

“Tootsie is a sweet cuddle bug. Her favorite thing is snuggling with her people. Tootsie is housetrained and crate trained. She loves to play tug and be a big goofball. Tootsie is also good with children she will be their best buddy. Unfortunately Tootsie had a rough up-bringing so she is not good with dogs or cats and needs to be an only dog. Please help this little girl find her forever home. Right now she is stuck in boarding and a cold lonely kennel is no place for a cute little girl.”

Find Adoption and Foster Information on Tootsie HERE.


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Bear – Adoptable Dog of the Week


*Update: Bear was adopted on 2/1/14!

Where do I begin?! Bear is a 5 year old English Bulldog Rottweiler mix whose life hasn’t been so great up until a couple months ago. Bear had been living in a barn the past three years of his life.

He holds a very special place in my heart because our good friend, Amaya (Tater’s mom!) is fostering him. He is one big hunk of love. But don’t let his size hold you back, he is super patient, hardly ever even attemps to jump and is just looking for a family to love him. Bear would do AWESOME with kids. He loves attention, seriously loves snuggles and just touching a human body! I guess I can’t blame him…

Oh yeah AND he comes with 2,000 facebook fans!

Here is a little more about Bear from his foster:

“Hi! I’m Bear, some call me Pooh Bear or Scooby Doo! I love to learn new things and my main goal is JUST to make YOU happy! When you are happy, I am happy! I am also a REALLY good walker! I need VERY little correction and the correction I do sometimes need is only voice correction!
I don’t chew on furniture, curtains or jump on the furniture that much. When I do I get told “off” and sometimes need a little push to get off. I am usually pretty content with laying on my dog bed chewing on a nylabone. Nylabones are my FAVORITE, Antlers make me VERY happy as well!
I am SO okay with people touching my food bowl and even taking food out while I am eating, same as with toys.I also love to give kisses!
I am dog friendly with the proper introduction. I was not around dogs for 3 years and might need a little help with a new introduction. If you do have another dog I would prefer that he/she doesn’t try to dominate me by doing things like howling. So far I have been really great around other dogs but have only met one dominant female that was very vocal and we didn’t get along too well when playing in a group but were fine in a calm situation with just the two of us. I am currently being fostered with another male dog, which is ‘rare’ in the rescue world. But we have been like brothers since the day we met! We even cuddle, but don’t tell anyone that.”


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Bear - Adoptable Dog of the Week
Update: adopted!