My Pittied Life // June

You know how life can get so incredibly busy that you can’t even remember what you had for lunch two days ago?

Okay, so maybe my memory is borderline horrible, but I feel like there’s so much going on with the dogs’ lives lately that I fail to mention (let’s be honest, my life would be quite boring without them).

Thus the beginning of this series:


Each month I will have a post dedicated to what’s happening in our crazy “pittied” lives. And I’ve got a lot to cover this month, so bare with me & scroll on!

Obedience Training

At the end of May, Lola received her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate!!!

And Rio is well on his way. Right now, we are taking Advanced Obedience class and in just four short weeks we test for his CGC. Then if all goes as planned – therapy prep class!

Rio - Obedience Graduation.

So proud of all the hard work we’ve put in. It really does pay off! But the most important thing I’ve learned – patience is key.

Adventure at the Northstar Bike Race

Lola the Pitty
Photo by Megan Rademacher

We took the pups to the city for a large bicycle race that was going on that one of my friends was photographing.

We decided to bring Lola and Enoch as I wanted to see how E would react in a crowd. After all, he’s basically rocked every other experience he has been introduced to; and he did not disappoint here either.

Enoch quickly began stealing the center light from Lola – which I don’t think she minded one bit.

We even had a stranger come up to us and ask if he could take Enoch’s picture! He remarked, “Wow, that is one awesome looking dog…do you mind?!”.

Let’s just say we did our duty of making positive impressions for pitties. We must have been asked 15 different times, “Are those pit bulls!? They are so pretty and nice…I really like your dogs!”.

Then we walked past the Apple store and they invited Lola and Enoch inside to enjoy some fresh water. Again, everyone fell in love and was complementing the dogs on how good they were being and what pretty dogs they are.

Way to be awesome breed ambassadors, Lola & E!


Enoch - adoptable dog on

If you follow us on Facebook you have probably seen the photos of our newest {temporary} foster, Enoch. Oh my gosh ya’ll, I’m in love…again. However, he’s going to be another Weeser experience, I already know it.

We have been trying to help him with his crate anxiety and have been using our own tips for crate training, along with a new-found solution: place Rio in the crate with him. And it worked marvelously! Turns out it may be more of a separation anxiety, but we are making progress even in the short time we’ve had him.

I’m also fairly certain he has a home lined up – wish us luck as we’ll know more soon. Can’t wait to tell everyone!

p.s. I say temporary foster because (to let you in on a little secret not-so-secret) we may be bringing Mama Emma back to our home until she gets adopted, once her pups are old enough of course.

Big news: Emma & Pups

Mama Emma’s puppies are seven weeks old this weekend, crazy how time flies!

One Four Five of them are already spoken for and the meet and greets are beginning for the other pups.

If you’re interested in meeting one of Emma’s pups, you can start by filling out an application on the Secondhand Hounds Rescue site.

Mama Emma's Puppies from Secondhand Hounds Rescue -

Birthday month!

Someone…who this blog so happens to be named after, has a birthday coming up at the end of June! Let’s call in June 25th since we really have no idea when she was actually born.

Lola the Pitty! Photography by Barbara O'Brien Photography
Barbara O’Brien Photography

I think we’ll celebrate with pupcakes and meet up with friends at a park! Cannot believe she’s going to be two years old already.

Thanks for reading!

6 Replies to “My Pittied Life // June”

  1. Wow – you had a busy month!!!!! So glad that the bike race went well and they were such good ambassadors!!!! I’m saying lots of prayers for Enoch’s forever home – he is just a doll!!!! And so glad that you get Mama Emma for a bit again – I so want her to get a great forever home too. I still don’t know how you do it (especially now after reading about Weeser!!!). You are one amazing woman!!!! And congrats on the trainings and the birthday!!! I really like this new series. I will look forward to it every month. 🙂

    1. Hi Jude! Thanks for the comment. I figured so many people like to follow our stories on Facebook, that why am I not getting “personal” on the blog? And yes, it is hard but it is even more rewarding knowing that because of you, this dog will now live out a happy life. And after all, I can’t keep ’em all.

      P.s. Best of luck tomorrow. Hugs.

  2. Congrats to Lola on her CGC last month. And Rio, I am sure, will pass. They are awesome ambassadors and will make great therapy dogs. I was thinking about doing that with Jake and Nanook, who both have their CGC’s too. But all the other dog sport stuff got in the way. Well maybe when they get older.

    Happy b-day in advance LOLA! Eat all the pupcakes you can now, while you’re young and can burn off all those calories!


    1. Thanks, Beverly! I know the feeling of all the other dog sports & activities that get in the way…so busy!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes – I’m sure she’ll take your advice on the pupcakes ;).

    1. Haha – he didn’t seem to care for it quite as much as I did ;). And he’s definitely not too big at all! I’m wondering how much more he’ll grow.
      Thanks for commenting.

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