We Asked Our Fans: What Do You Love Most About Your Pit Bull?

We asked our fans - "What Do You Love Most About YOUR Pit Bull" - here's what they said. lolathepitty.com

We asked our fans - "What Do You Love Most About YOUR Pit Bull" - here's what they said. lolathepitty.com

After a recent post, 15 Things My Dog Has Taught Me, it sparked the question, “What do you love most about your dog…your pit bull?”. So I set out to our loyal Facebook fans and asked them what they love most about their pit bulls. I absolutely loved reading the responses and seeing how much joy our dogs bring to our lives, regardless of breed.

Here’s what our friends had to say!


Her Love, loyalty, and kisses” – Cassie M.

 I love her kindness and play bows when greeting new dogs – still, at 15 years old. I love her snoring and her happy talking when she rolls around on her back after a nap. I love how she will sit for photographs, but dislikes looking at the camera. I love how she trusts me 100%.” – Sherrie S.

Their unconditional love!! Life is better with a four-legged furbaby!!” – Ashley T.

“Love and companionship without judgment” – Rachelle C.

They all have such different personalities! I love Lili’s way of getting my attention. She’s subtle, but relentless. I love her playful, happy, bouncing spirit. I love how Rufus is the guardian of the group. He wants to be where I am, he’s my best buddy, he’s everyone’s best friend, and he’s so incredibly sweet, mellow and charming. I love Kane’s sass and attitude, because underneath it all is this giant, playful mama’s boy. I love Kane’s ability to say “mama”. He’s my talker! And then there’s Simon… I love his eyebrows, his underbite, and his zest for life. He’s all eyes and all ears all the time. I love how he’s so desperate to try to learn new tricks, and how he throws out all of his tricks when I’m trying to teach him something new. I love how all of them snuggle, and how sweet and charming they all are.” – Stephanie W.

“I love everything about this girl!” – Corey B.

I love her because she’s totally goofy! Always cheerful. ” – Jeanine L.

I love Jack’s playfulness, his loyalty, his kissable face…” – Stephanie L.

[Tweet “”She makes me a better trainer and a better person.” – Lori N. #pitbulladvocate”]

My pit bull is my best friend, she is confident and her beautiful smile makes everything okay again even on the worst of days…and she is a world class snuggler”! – Tina H.

Love, loyalty, and pure happiness in both of mine” – Annette G.

“She loves road trips, adventures and the beach!” – Deborah G.

I love Snoopy for the way she won me over and helped heal my heart when I didn’t think I was ready to get another pittie so soon after my last one crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I went to the Animal Humane Society in Buffalo to look and walked out with my new purpose” – Nicole P.

Oh gosh there’s so many things, but one is how they are always so happy and smiling.” – Andrea C.

I love the wiggly butt, the kisses and her loyalty. She is my baby girl and this smile says it all!” – Julie D.

I love the way her tail helicopters when she sees someone she loves. I love the way she sits like a 15 year old boy. I love the way she loves me. I love her smile, her devotion, her desire to be with us. She is my little girl.” – Jennifer C.

The way he makes me laugh.” – Sarah H.

The way she is so excited to see me when I come home, the way she loves to snuggle with me, the head tilt when I am talking to her, and her gentle, loving spirit! She is my baby!” – Sherry C.

His enthusiasm & smile when I get back home from work or a trip.” – Michael H.

I love his loyalty, his unconditional love. I love his ability to move on from his past and love humans no matter how he’d been treated before finding me!” – Tails of a Foster Mom

I love how Snow makes me appreciate the simple things in life” – Princess & Karma

“They bring so much joy to my life. I never wanted a pitbull and now I have them. They have the BEST personalities and are so in tune with their surroundings.” – Brianne H.

I love that no matter what happens, no matter who turns their back on me, my ‘Pit Bull’ will always be there for me.” – Gabrielle S.

I just love everything about my Kirby…how he talks to me when he wants to play, his unconditional love, his gentleness with the grandkids, the ways he has to make sure I understand just what he wants and the way he says thank you when he gets it!” – Donna H.

I love that no matter what type of day I’ve had Brahma can make me smile, feel loved, and know that everything is going to be okay. He is the definition of love and perseverance. When he was 6 months old he was hit by a snowmobile and almost died. Even though they saved his leg he’s missing a huge chunk of his hip and you’d never know. Nothing stops him from doing what he loves and making people smile. He’s my best friend” – Sin C.

“My babies make everyday a great day and without them I don’t know where I’d be” – Lisa R.

“I love how she wiggles when she’s happy and how she RAH RAH ROOS in her sweet pittie language. I love how her eyes widen when she tastes something she extra loves (like peanut butter, her all-time favorite!). All of these reasons and more are why she is my company’s Brand Ambassador. All I have to do is post pictures of her on social media and tell stories of her sweetness, and she is doing so much good in the world by changing people’s perceptions of pits.” – Katherine, KOTAW Marketing

My Rampage is my world. He is the most patient understanding dog I’ve ever owned.” – Logan Noelle S.

“They care for me and have helped me heal from my stroke and through my disabilities.” – Judy U.

I love how my sweet ol’ girl (nine years old) has opened her heart to the pestering of a new puppy. She’s had her home and her humans all to herself for three years but never shows an ounce of jealousy. And my new pup…. I just love his energy and enthusiasm! And the way he gets like a turtle on his back and ‘talks’ til he can get himself rolled back up right!” – Denise K.

How cuddly she is!” – Julie M.

Life is just better with a pibble!” – Susannah D.

What do you love most about your pit bull? Share below!

15 Things My Pit Bull Has Taught Me

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My Pittied Life // June

You know how life can get so incredibly busy that you can’t even remember what you had for lunch two days ago?

Okay, so maybe my memory is borderline horrible, but I feel like there’s so much going on with the dogs’ lives lately that I fail to mention (let’s be honest, my life would be quite boring without them).

Thus the beginning of this series:


Each month I will have a post dedicated to what’s happening in our crazy “pittied” lives. And I’ve got a lot to cover this month, so bare with me & scroll on!

Obedience Training

At the end of May, Lola received her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate!!!

And Rio is well on his way. Right now, we are taking Advanced Obedience class and in just four short weeks we test for his CGC. Then if all goes as planned – therapy prep class!

Rio - Obedience Graduation. www.lolathepitty.com

So proud of all the hard work we’ve put in. It really does pay off! But the most important thing I’ve learned – patience is key.

Adventure at the Northstar Bike Race

Lola the Pitty
Photo by Megan Rademacher

We took the pups to the city for a large bicycle race that was going on that one of my friends was photographing.

We decided to bring Lola and Enoch as I wanted to see how E would react in a crowd. After all, he’s basically rocked every other experience he has been introduced to; and he did not disappoint here either.

Enoch quickly began stealing the center light from Lola – which I don’t think she minded one bit.

We even had a stranger come up to us and ask if he could take Enoch’s picture! He remarked, “Wow, that is one awesome looking dog…do you mind?!”.

Let’s just say we did our duty of making positive impressions for pitties. We must have been asked 15 different times, “Are those pit bulls!? They are so pretty and nice…I really like your dogs!”.

Then we walked past the Apple store and they invited Lola and Enoch inside to enjoy some fresh water. Again, everyone fell in love and was complementing the dogs on how good they were being and what pretty dogs they are.

Way to be awesome breed ambassadors, Lola & E!


Enoch - adoptable dog on lolathepitty.com

If you follow us on Facebook you have probably seen the photos of our newest {temporary} foster, Enoch. Oh my gosh ya’ll, I’m in love…again. However, he’s going to be another Weeser experience, I already know it.

We have been trying to help him with his crate anxiety and have been using our own tips for crate training, along with a new-found solution: place Rio in the crate with him. And it worked marvelously! Turns out it may be more of a separation anxiety, but we are making progress even in the short time we’ve had him.

I’m also fairly certain he has a home lined up – wish us luck as we’ll know more soon. Can’t wait to tell everyone!

p.s. I say temporary foster because (to let you in on a little secret not-so-secret) we may be bringing Mama Emma back to our home until she gets adopted, once her pups are old enough of course.

Big news: Emma & Pups

Mama Emma’s puppies are seven weeks old this weekend, crazy how time flies!

One Four Five of them are already spoken for and the meet and greets are beginning for the other pups.

If you’re interested in meeting one of Emma’s pups, you can start by filling out an application on the Secondhand Hounds Rescue site.

Mama Emma's Puppies from Secondhand Hounds Rescue - www.lolathepitty.com

Birthday month!

Someone…who this blog so happens to be named after, has a birthday coming up at the end of June! Let’s call in June 25th since we really have no idea when she was actually born.

Lola the Pitty! Photography by Barbara O'Brien Photography
Barbara O’Brien Photography

I think we’ll celebrate with pupcakes and meet up with friends at a park! Cannot believe she’s going to be two years old already.

Thanks for reading!

10 Signs You Shouldn’t Adopt a Pit Bull

10 Signs You Shouldn't Adopt a Pit Bull - www.lolathepitty.com

1. You don’t like cuddling.

I grew up with shelties who didn’t even like sleeping on dog beds – they preferred the hard, cold floor. Umm, let’s just say these pibbles know what’s what when it comes to comfort.

2. You want to carry your dog around in your purse.

Not happening unless your purse = duffle bag and you = superman.

3. You think dog clothes are lame.

Let’s face it, unless you live in San Diego and never stray, your pit bull may need a coat. Maybe even boots and a hat, possibly a scarf if you live within 500 miles of me.

4. Your nose is stuck so high in the air (or somewhere else) and you think pit bulls are “mean” and “vicious”.

A certain meme comes to mind…

pit bull meme

5. You don’t like proving people wrong.

I mean…you don’t? Really? Where are you from?

6. You only buy from a breeder (and they must be pure bred).

In which you would not be adopting and saving an innocent life. I’ve also had friends tell me that before they knew better, they always thought there was ‘something wrong’ with the dogs available for adoption through rescues and shelters. Hmmm….see #10.

7. You can resist faces like this…

Rio - lolathepitty.com

and this…

Tater Tot and Lola

8. You want a hunting dog.

I take that back. Lola would love to go squirrel hunting with you. And others have been trained to hunt.

9. You can resist butts like this…


That’s Lola’s boyfur-iend, yes, I said it. His name is Tater Tot, he is doing some awesome things in this world over here.

and this…


(That’s another Tator Tot, he’s really good at saving lives and stuff like that.)

1o. You judge based off of the negative things you’ve heard in the media and elsewhere vs. judging an animal as an individual. You aren’t willing to accept the most loving dogs I have ever met, which are all of the pit bulls you have seen in this post.

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