My Pittied Life: January 2016

Well hello. It’s February. We’ve been quiet. What else can I say that is quite obvious?

As I’m sitting here typing and staring off into the living room and kitchen that I can finally call my own, one thing is certain: my dogs are my everything. 2015 was probably the most ‘exciting’ year in regards to big events in my life, but I wouldn’t take back anything.

lola the pitty2

Here’s what last year consisted of, in a nutshell:

1 – Moving back to my home-state of Colorado…best decision ever. I’m not about to slap a “Native” sticker on the back of my SUV or hit up the dispensary down the street but there is truly so much to love about this gorgeous state.

2 – Buying a house. Finally! Backyard – check. Wood floors – check. Savings account no longer in existence – check.

3 – While I’m fairly reserved about our personal lives, you may have noticed we’re now a family of three. Sometimes two people decide going their separate ways is the best for everyone. No worries though, Lola and Rio are on either side of me as I type, so be prepared to see their cute faces in upcoming blog posts.


Did I mention we were featured in Woman’s Day magazine?

Look at that cute face peaking out behind our Doggy Eggnog recipe!


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Until next time…


Sarah, Lola & Rio

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  1. I really enjoyed ur upbeat info about our pitties. My husband and I are desperately trying to work out some issues w/our 2 doggies. 1 a pittie rescue & a Blu Tic Coonhound rescue who love ea other. Training is definately first on the list !!????

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