My Pittied Life – July 2015

I’m a few days late (as in it’s already August 6th!) in posting this for last month but it’s finally here.

Disc Fun
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July was an event-packed month and while we didn’t take the dogs on any long hikes in the mountains, we did make a couple trips to Horsetooth Reservoir and catch up on our disc game quite a bit.

Rio finally learned how much fun it is to leap and catch the disc before it hits the ground, imagine that! Two little disc dogs plus one disc mom who can’t throw a disc very well – great combination.


Enoch - adoptable dog on

Any friends remember Enoch? He was our last foster dog in Minnesota and was adopted by a lady in Michigan. While she loved him, Enoch suffers from separation anxiety and after living with her for a year through a long journey and many attempts, she made the decision that her home could not provide what he needed. She contacted me and I immediately began networking and trying to find him a new place to go. I’ll admit, I was not too hopeful…

I posted a photo of him on our Facebook page requesting that if anyone knew of a home or person that would be willing to work with his anxiety, to message us.  A few hours later, the notorious Facebook ‘ding’ went off on my phone and it was a gal from Minnesota who volunteers with many of the rescues up there. She said she may have someone in mind and asked if we could start a group chat to discuss details. Two hours later, it was decided that Enoch would be coming back to Minnesota under a couple conditions: we could find transportation for him and could raise the money for everything he’d need. It was a long stretch and a tall order but as I’m reminded time and time again, together we save.

In less than one week we raised over $600 for a Pro Select Empire Kennel, grain free food for a few months, a couple training books on separation anxiety, etc. His previous owner helped transport him a good amount of the way and a team of us coordinated a handful of volunteers to bring him the remainder of the way.

Enoch is now living in what I am very hopeful will be his ‘forever’ home. He is living with a family in northern Minnesota who works opposite shifts and has committed to his training and needs. Follow along with his adventures on his Facebook page here. 

We Love Trout

Those eyes are insane – you have to watch the slow-mo video on Instagram…

Smooth as buttah. #troutskin #crazyeyes

A video posted by L O L A the P I T T Y (@lolathepitty) on

Our dogs love trout skin and they’re packed with nutrients.

Speaking of treats, here’s a super simple Beef Crunch Frozen Dog Treat recipe we shared recently.

Dog Dogs of Summer

July in pictures…






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Until next month…

8 Replies to “My Pittied Life – July 2015”

  1. So cool that your pups can catch a frisbee! Mine cannot. LOL! That’s awesome news about Enoch. I always feel so bad for the separation anxiety kids.

    Also, I just wanted to caution you about recommending the trout skins. On the west coast dogs can get salmon poisoning from eating fresh fish and it doesn’t have to be salmon. Just thought you should know. 🙂

    1. Seems like the salmon poisoning is just when it is raw, is that what you’ve heard and/or researched as well?

  2. Great pictures as always! I love Enoch’s 2 different eye colors. I’m so glad you were about to find a new home for him. I adopted out a stray pittie I found who had severe separation anxiety too. Not an easy thing but I was lucky to find a perfect home for her.

    Does Lola hate baths? My pups give me the same look at bath time. 🙁

  3. Has anyone with a large dog (145-150pounds) that has Arthritis or plates and screws and has a lot of pain or hip displaysia (can’t spell good lol) ever tried these treats? I am on a never ending search for something inexpensive for my 3 years old German rottweiler lab mix rescue. he waseems born painfilly deformed and has plates and screws for his back leg knee joints and severe arthritis in all 4 legs and we are still paying off the 12k for his 2 surgeries he is in so much pain and I can’t afford to go back right now they are just going to put on more pain meds …

  4. No I haven’t I’m worried about buying all the ingredients and it doesn’t work. I have tried CBD oil and didn’t faze him. That was not
    Cheap. I am going to get those ingredients this weekend actually my husband said he looks like something is really bothering him his activity was getting bad we tried the 28 day Challenge with Purina one joint food. (My Chihuahua’s diabetic doctor recommended for all my dogs ) over the phone assessment. Yes I also dealing with trying to manage my chihuahuas diabetes and blood sugar level ???? I love these dogs like my own children ….. it’s getting tough

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