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Finley – Adoptable Dog of the Week!

Just look at those eyes…they melt my heart!

Finley - Adoptable Dog of the Week! Located in MN - @lolathepitty

Finley is a 1 year old Bulldog/Pit Bull mix with Pet Project Rescue in Minnesota.

Just look at those eyes! He has been in rescue for quite a while now and is also in need of a new foster family or permanent home that has dog or breed experience and that is caring and understanding of his special needs, that will be committed to providing him continued training, proper socialization and daily exercise.

From the foster:

“Finley is just over a year old now.  He is a super smart boy and is doing great with his obedience training.  He is halfway through completing Level 1 Obedience through the Canine Coach.  He will graduate from Level 1 the end of this month!  He learns things really quickly and is very treat motivated.  He knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘wait’, ‘leave it’, and ‘down’ just to name a few.  He works so hard and listens really well.

Finley loves, loves, to play!  He would play all day long if he could.  Fetch and rope tug are his favorites.  He also loves chew toys, bones, and Kongs filled with peanut butter. His second favorite thing to do is to snuggle up with you on the couch or the bed.  He loves being by his people and is a big lap dog.
Finley’s doctors are not sure if he will need knee surgery or not, but they did diagnose him with a neurological disorder that is affecting his gait.  As a result, Finley is  a little off-balanced and clumsy when he walks.  But it really doesn’t slow him down at all – he gets around just fine!  Otherwise, Finley is a happy and healthy boy. (Should Finley need surgery, Pet Project Rescue is covering the cost! How great is that?!)
Finley would do best in an only dog home.  He gets very excited when playing with other dogs and not all dogs appreciate his style of play.  He also gets too excited over cats to share a home with them.  Due to his clumsiness a home with children 10 or older might be best.
He needs a foster or permanent home that has dog or breed experience, and that is caring and understanding of his special needs, and that will be committed to providing him continued training, proper socialization, and daily exercise.  Finley needs someone who will spend daily time with him on continued training, playing, and exercise!

Please share this post so that Finley can find his fur-ever home!  He’s an awesome dog that was pulled from a high-kill shelter, given a second chance at life and is learning more everyday!”

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