Lillie – Adoptable Dog of the Week!

Lillie - adoptable dog of the week - 1 yr old blue pit bull mix!

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Look at Lillie bug! This girl holds a special place in my heart because I have personally met her when doing volunteer work at Secondhand Hounds Rescue in Minnesota. She reminds me of Lola in several ways – she is spunky, energetic and loves people!

Lillie, however, has been in rescue for way too long. She did not have an easy start and has spent more time than a dog ever should have to in a kennel. For several reasons, Lillie would need to be the only animal in your house.

She is a petite little thing, weighing it at around 45 pounds with plenty of puppy left in her at just over a year old! Do you know someone who would love this gorgeous blue pit bull mix!?

Here is a  little more information about her!

Lillie - adoptable dog of the week -

From the Foster:

“Hi! I’m Lillie and I like to snuggle!  No, really – I mean I LOVE to snuggle.  Pretty much the most awesome thing ever is to snuggle.  Laying next to you is great, but I’m not against trying to curl up right on top of you either.  I heard the term ‘lapdog’ once, and I figure that’s what I should be… Even though I’m a little big, I fit nicely on laps, I really do.   I also like to sleep under the covers.  What can I say, I have super nice pretty soft blue fur, but it’s not the warmest – so, under the covers I go.  I snuggle well under there, too!

Speaking of my fur, I’ll let you in on a secret.  I LOVE it to be brushed.  It’s like a tickly massage and it’s fantastic… I don’t love baths, I’ll be honest with you, but since I know I get brushed after it I deal with it.  Getting brushed makes everything worth it.

I’ll be honest with you again – I’m a bit of a spaz sometimes. Not ALL the time, but come on – who doesn’t like to play?!?  I know I do.  I love to play with people but I’m not so great with other dogs. As I’m getting older, I’ve decided that I would like to be the only four legged family member in the home since I like all of the attention on me!  Oh… and no cats please.  For real.  They smell weird and I’m NOT a fan.

As far as humans go, I truly love them all.  I love kids, but my foster mom says that because I’m still young – and still unsure of how big I am, I probably shouldn’t be living with super young kids…  I admit it, I might knock them over.  I’ve got a big body and a lot of spunk – I’ll do better with kids that are bigger than me!  I get very excited when I meet new people and get to do new things – I’m still young after all!  But I relax and turn into a snuggle bunny after I get used to stuff.  I also listen very well and I do really well with obedience classes, giving me some things to learn and do.

So there you have it, I’m Lillie and I’m looking for my forever family.  Are you it?!?  Fill out an application to come and meet me, I’m sure you’ll love me!”

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