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Gemma looks like such a sweetheart and I feel like we can really related to her! Remember when Rio needed leg surgery!? Well Gemma needed surgery on her elbow also – only the outcome wasn’t as good. Her joint never healed properly and she ended up having to have her front leg amputated. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a tripod (after all, if you follow Fifty, we all know that not only can a dog get along fabulous being a tripod, but with two legs)!

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Here is a little more information about Gemma from Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue:

American Staffordshire Terrier & Pit Bull Terrier Mix • ~2 years old • Female • 55 lbs • Good w/ dogs with slow intros • Super Cuddler! “My name is Gemma!!! When I got rescued I had a broken elbow. The vet tried to fix it but it did not heal right. So I am now a 3 legged dog! Nicknames: My foster momma calls me a Gem! Profession: Professional Kickboxer

Age: 2 Activity Level: I am always very happy and bouncy and my tags wags so hard I’m afraid it might fall off!! What I like to do most in the world though is cuddle with foster Momma! Things I do in my free time: I love spending time with people. They make me so happy and my favorite thing to do is melt in my foster momma’€™s lap! I also enjoy chewing on bones and other toys! Things I know: I am fully house and kennel trained! I also know how to sit and mostly know my name. Kids: I have not been kid-tested yet, but I love people so much there is no doubt that I will also love kids. Dogs: I get along with other dogs, but I need a few days to get use to them. Cats: I would be best off in a house without cats. Size: I am full-grown and I probably weigh around 55 to 60 pounds.”

Adoption fee: $300+tax All dogs are up to date on DHPP and Rabies, Spayed/Neutered, and Microchiped. (Gemma will be taken off Petfinder when no longer available)

Please visit for adoption details and the adoption application.

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Uma – Adoptable Dog of the Week


Uma - Adoptable Dog of the Week on | Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue

Not that every adoptable dog I post isn’t perfect for someone….but Uma is truly an awesome dog. She was brought into rescue last December with her 10, yes 10(!), two-day old pups. Well the puppies are gone and Uma is still waiting. She is great with everyone – kids, dogs, and even cats! She is a young female that is pretty low key!

The best thing we can do for Uma is to SHARE her story and help her perfect family find her! Please share using the buttons above this post in hopes that this loving girl can find her fur-ever home. She truly deserves nothing but the best.

Below is more information on Uma and a little word from her foster:

Young Female| Pit Bull Mix | 60 pounds | Dog, Cat, & Kid Friendly | House & Crate Trained | Low Energy (but she still loves to exercise and play) | Adoption Fee: $300

From the Foster:

Uma came into rescue from the Bemidji area of Minnesota. The name Uma means “mother” which is fitting because Uma

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came to Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue last December with 10, two day-old puppies. She was a loving and attentive mother to her pups and needless to say, very busy.

Now that her puppies are gone, Uma’€™s personality has blossomed! She is a sweet, loyal dog who lives to please and loves being part of a family. Uma is a girl who likes the simple things in life: belly rubs, snuggling, chewing on bones, walks, and chasing after pine cones in the yard. Uma is quite tenderhearted.

She cannot tolerate yelling or angry words and must go to a household that is committed to positive discipline. Uma is an extra special dog (the kind that doesn’t’€™t come around very often) and she deserves an extra special home! Uma would be a wonderful companion for gentle, respectful children.

The dog will be taken off Petfinder when no longer available. Please visit Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue for adoption details and the adoption application.

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Poster Via Dr. Sophia Yin
Poster Via Dr. Sophia Yin