Rio aka Crazy Ears

Let’s talk about dog ears. Both of our dogs have some serious EARS, lol.

Not hound-like ears, you can’t tie them in a bow or anything, but seriously…they have a mind of their own.

I don’t think the whole wearing a cone for several weeks helped his situation but what’s done is done. Kidding – I love my little crazy Rio ears!

Do your dogs have a recognizable trait that you find funny or unusual? Share with me on Twitter!

Rio -

On a more serious note, isn’t this the truth? I saw a similar photo to this one on Instagram from our friends at Camp Bow Wow and had to recreate my own!
Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never paid an adoption fee.

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4 Replies to “Rio aka Crazy Ears”

  1. BOL! I must agree- Mom is always laughing at my ears. They’re not as crazy as yours but they do have a habit of one being perky and the other flat.

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