My Pittied Life: March

My Pittied Life -

The months are flying by; I can hardly believe it’s been two months since we moved. I also didn’t realize how much I had missed Colorado…it’s so good to be back home. The dogs are completely settled into their routine and so are their humans.

Did you read my post on Tips for Moving with Dogs? Check it out!

Let’s see. What the heck did we do this month?

My Pittied Life -

Hiking the Poudre River

The second week of March we went up to the Dunraven Trail by the Poudre River with my dad and step-mom. The dogs had a blast and although the trails were still snow-covered, it was 70 degrees and we put in a five or-so mile hike. An added bonus? The dogs were able to play in the river and were both crashed out before we hit the main road back to town.

The Flyball Adventure Continues

A different environment. Different trainers. Plus a different team. But Lola is settling in and the training continues. She challenges me at times (okay, most of the time) but we’re making progress. A lot of her success falls back on me, I truly need to take more time during the week to train, train, train and work on her issues. A never ending process.

My Pittied Life - Lolathepitty.comExploring Northern Colorado

I’m seriously in love with Colorado and I think I’ve convinced the dogs and boy that I was not exaggerating when bragging about the weather. We’ve had more 70-degree days than not. Plus, we live about a half mile from a beautiful paved trail that covers about 20 miles of countryside and growing towns. Biking, jogging, taking the dogs for walks – you name it. Plus, right off the trail is a large dog park which we’ve made a few pit stops for on our walks. This trail alone is helping the dogs get into tip-top shape, not to mention myself.

Lola the Pitty is a “Pet Blog to Watch”!

We we’re honored and thrilled when Victoria Stilwell listed us as one of the top 10 Pet Blogs to Watch! It’s so much fun to watch my blog grow and meet new friends along the way. So if you’re reading this – thank you. It means a lot to us.

Dog Collar Stands 

If you didn’t know this, my dad is an extremely talented woodworker. And I am extremely good at giving him ideas of things to make. Including this collar stand for one of the other things I’m really good at: collecting dog collars. Check ’em out on our Etsy shop!

Dog Collar Stand by |

Until next month…

11 Replies to “My Pittied Life: March”

  1. Colorado is BEAUTIFUL! I have family there and I always enjoy visiting.

    Umm….that collar stand is genius. I just have all our tossed in a bag with their stuff!

    That collar you have hanging on the stand, where did you get it? I love it!

    1. Hey Amber, thank you! The collar hanging on the stand is from Karma Collars – love their work!

  2. Hi Sarah!

    Lola and Rio playing in the river sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I have been wanting to bring Ivy back to the beach for quite some time and can’t wait to see her pittie smile when her pittie paws hit the sand again 🙂 Ivy LOVES when the waves come and my daughter Bri gives her big hugs as the waves crash into them!

    HUGE CONGRATS on getting named to the Top 10 Pet Blogs! YAY! You so deserve it for all the good you do for pit bulls! Ivy and I are so grateful for all you, Lola and Rio do, and your honor was MUCH-DESERVED!!

    SO HAPPY you’re so happy in Colorado! It sounds — and looks — idyllic.

    Give your sweet pitties big hugs from me and Ivy!

  3. Sounds like a great month! I’d love to collect dog collars too but since my dogs are almost always in the mud & dirt, I’d have guilt over putting a beautiful leather collar on them. That being said, where did you get that one in the picture?

    1. Hey Rachel! That’s our “dress up” collar and only really gets worn on special occasions for that same reason :). It’s a Karma collar (great company out of Sacramento).

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