How to Reduce Shedding + A Giveaway!

It’s no lie when I say that every single thing I own is covered in dog hair.

And it doesn’t help that most of my clothes are black and Rio (the main offender) is 95% white.

I’ll be honest, we have never groomed our dogs’ coats much. After all, they’re short-haired dogs and I never believed they needed it that much. And while we can get away with not brushing or combing their coats (it’s not like we have to deal with matting or tangles), it dramatically affects how much they shed, or don’t.

Tips to reduce shedding in dogs |

I was always hesitant to purchase one of these FURminator deshedding brushes due to the cost and so I previously settled for a cheap, $5 brush that is now sitting in a Rubbermaid bucket full of other worthless dog products. Well the picture above is the hair that came out after just a couple strokes down Rio’s back…I can tell you this rake-style brush will be well worth your purchase.

I couldn’t believe that Rio had as much undercoat as he did. I’ve already noticed a decrease in the amount of fur that ends up on our floor, bed, clothes, etc. (everywhere).

And the coolest part, yes I’m easily amused, is the little button that ejects the fur. Fly away, fur, fly away.

Tips for reducing shedding in dogs |

Tips to reduce shedding:

  • Brush your dog often (daily if you can) using the correct brush for their coat
  • Feed your dog a high quality diet
  • Add flax seed, coconut oil, or an omega-3 supplement (these can help improve skin health, reducing dandruff, and improving coat quality)
  • Regular baths

Tips to reduce shedding in dogs - FURminator deshedding brush for shorthaired dogs|

zukes-salmonWell today is your lucky day because (my favorite online dog store) and I have teamed up to bring you an awesome giveaway with not only this brush, but with a large bag of Zuke’s Chewy Salmon Treats. Happy pup, happy owner.

Enter the giveaway below and check your email often! Good luck.

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20 Replies to “How to Reduce Shedding + A Giveaway!”

  1. I have one of these for Zoey for long haired dogs but never tried the short haired one on my dogs. I guess I never saw the point but now that you mention it, I do have an abundance of little white hairs myself! Haha…

  2. I’m the same way with my dorgi (Dachshund/Corgi) Dove. She’s short haired so brushing doesn’t come to mind often, but with the seasons changing this brush would be great!

  3. I use a FURminator with our dogs and cats and I love them. Whenever I take one out, Sydney does this happy dance/wiggle and then sits for her brushing. It astounds me that our short haired dogs shed so much compared to Rodrigo. I know that the life cycle of short hair is shorter, but it’s still amazing when I see a huge pile of hair from one dog.

  4. We order from Chewy all the time, they are awesome. And we could really use a furminator, Boomer and Dottie have thick undercoats and shed a lot!

  5. I need this brush because my service dog in training, Navarro, sheds like crazy! And a dog’s always got to look his best 🙂

  6. My chocolate lab needs this brush because he sheds like crazy and we can’t keep up with our cheap brush we bought way back at Petsmart. He loves getting brushed, though and it would be great to do so with a great brush like this!

  7. No ive never shopped at I need this tool soooo badly! I have a never ending shedding german shepherd, a never ending shedding American bulldog and a medium haired always shedding cat. Im super tired of all the hair everywhere! Especially when I just swept or vacuumed there goes a furball rolling across my floors….

  8. Have you compared this brush t other furminator brushes? I have a rubber toothed one and it’s pretty good, but it seems like I need to brush for a long time to get all the fur out. Do you think this one would be better?

    1. I only use this Furminator brush because both of my dogs are short-haired. They do have ones for long-haired dogs and other types of brushes but this one is best for de-shedding. I also have a rubber curry-style brush, and while it works, this one trumps it.

  9. I actually just bit the bullet and bought a Furminator today! My house had been suffering from a blight of boxer fur tumbleweeds this spring. Just giving her a quick pat would result in poofs of fur floating off to settle in every nook and cranny of my house and piles of freshly folded laundry. I used the Furminator for about ten minutes and had enough fur to create another boxer. Then I used the Zoomgroom and that produced a pile enough to create a Frenchie. What a difference!!!!

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