15 Things My Dog (a Pit Bull) has Taught Me

15 Things My Dog (a pit bull) has Taught Me - lolathepitty.com

We can learn so much from our dogs…

Our dogs don’t hold grudges, they don’t judge us, and they love us no matter what.

In fact, we just bought a framed print the other day:

Things We Learn From our Dogs - lolathepitty.com

But of course there’s more than that. Here are 15 things I’ve learned from my dog, a pit bull:

1. Daycare isn’t just for kids

2. Whining actually does work at times

3. Do something fun every day

4. Sometimes all you need is a nap

5. Trust your gut

6. It’s okay to pee outside (as long as no one’s watching)

7. King beds are the best to sleep on

8. Snuggling is one of the best things, ever

9. Kisses are to be used sparingly and only forĀ those you really loveĀ (Rio has yet to learn this one)

10. Be thankful for anyone that feeds you

11. Sunshine = happiness

12. Roam & explore at every opportunity

13. Be yourself

14. Don’t judge

15. Live in the moment

What have you learned from your dog?

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8 Replies to “15 Things My Dog (a Pit Bull) has Taught Me”

  1. Awesome list Sarah!!!!! Both your list and the list from the frame were incredible. I really like the “living in the moment” one. I think something the pitbull breed as a whole taught me is to not hold grudges. They are such a forgiving breed with all the junk thrown their way hat is not right – you know what I mean. I just love that about them and I couldn’t do that as well as them as a human (I would hold a grudge and growl at the world!!!). My own babies have also taught me to just be in tune to those around you. Be sensitive – if it feels like something is wrong it probably is (Buster always knows if something is wrong with me). Loved this article. :-). Jude

  2. i learned from my baby Loki that a bad start in life can be over come with the right balance of love and hard work.
    She came to us at 15 months old as an emergency foster that we really didn’t have room for scared of the world.
    Within the week we couldn’t let her go. She had attached herself to Raiden our 18 month old staff x and separating them would have been cruel.
    15 months on she is content and settled.
    She is still fear reactive of some things but we don’t loose her to her fear any more.
    She is happily crate and muzzle trained so we can continue to work safely on her male dog issues.

  3. That Pit Bull of yours sounds like he is the center of your universe. If I had a little guy like that to live with, he’d be the center of my universe. Your lesson on number twelve of exploring and roam sounds so fun. Dogs are the best and finding new things to be entertained by. I sure could use that a lot.

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