Monster Holiday Drive Wrap-Up

In October of 2014, Amaya and I decided to participate in the 3rd Annual Monster Holiday Drive with our two little “elves”, Lola and Tater Tot.

This week, after lots of sorting, counting (thanks, Amaya), and organizing (plus working and getting ready to move…) we can finally say all of the donations are in the hands of Across America Boxer Rescue and Heading Home K9 Rescue.

The success of our drive was mind-blowing. We had shipments coming in from across the country practically every day, until mid December. The generosity is very much appreciated by all of us!

When I called Darren, the director of Across America Boxer Rescue and asked him if he had a place to store all of the donations, his reply was, “Well how much are we talking about?”.

“An SUVs worth…” was my reply.

And it took just that – we filled up the entire backseat and cargo area of his SUV plus an equal amount went to Heading Home K9.

But the real people to thank here are our fans and friends. Because of all of you we were able to make this possible. Thank you.

Monster Holiday Drive Wrap-Up |
Amaya, Tater, Me!, Lola and Darren of Across America Boxer Rescue
Monster Holiday Drive Wrap-Up |
Heading Home K9 Rescue

The total amount in donations: $4,689.72

A special thanks to the following companies who sponsored the Monster Holiday Drive and shipped us an abundance of product!



Earth Rated

Coastal Pet Products, Inc.

Monster Holiday Drive -

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making this possible! I know a ton of dogs who will have full bellies, toys to play with, and a comfy bed to lie on because of the group effort in our Monster Holiday Drive.

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Lola the Pitty and Tater Tot

Monster Holiday Drive Wrap-Up |   Monster Holiday Drive Wrap-Up |

“Monster” Holiday Drive

"Monster" Elf Drive - collecting donated items for dogs & cats in need!

"Monster" Elf Drive - collecting donated items for dogs & cats in need!

We are so excited to be participating in the “Monster” Holiday Drive! Have you heard of it? The drive is an amazingly successful campaign organized by the minds behind the organization, I’m Not a Monster.

Basically, all of the ‘elves’ (aka Lola, Tater Tot and a ton of other dogs) work hard to gather donation items for dogs in need! It’s pretty awesome to say the least.

The initiative was inspired by toys on clearance. They sat unwanted, not unlike the pets waiting at the shelters. The pets and toys are not broken; they just haven’t found their perfect home yet. So to help as many homeless pets as possible, they recruit “Monster” Elves to gather items; so not only we lift their spirits, but also bring attention to the good shelters and the various causes they represent.

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Check out the 2013 totals. Holy cow.


For the 2014 drive, we’ve teamed up with our friend Tater Tot and his girl, Amaya! We’ve got a pretty good start (thanks to Amaya’s awesome effort) but every item helps. 100% of the items collected will be donated to Heading Home K9 Rescue and Across America Boxer Rescue.

Learn more about the Monster Holiday Drive!

Please consider donating by purchasing an item or two on Tater and Lola’s Amazon Wish List to help dogs & cats in need.

Thank you for your support!

“Help us spread some holiday cheer for homeless pets waiting in shelters by donating toys, blankets & treats!”


Check it out!

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