Black & White Sunday – End BSL

'What I think of BSL' -
I think we can all agree that Breed-Specific Legislation pulls families apart. Or wait? Can we? WHY is it still very apparent in cities around us? But as a responsible pit bull owner BSL is part of the battle and a frustrating one at that. We are out toΒ show that WE are the majority and create a positive image for pit bull type breeds. Almost all of the time there is a bad owner behind the problem. But we can save that conversation for another day.

I captured this shot of Rio after a long day of doggy day care. Tired much?! He seriously laid there, tongue hangin’ for about 10 minutes. I have more photos that I’d like to admit of this pose.

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18 Replies to “Black & White Sunday – End BSL”

  1. I 100 percent agree that the majority of pitbull owners are good owners, and that is a very good message to spread. People seem to still be under the impression that pitbull owners are somehow more “irresponsible” than other dog owners, and that is just ridiculous.

    1. I agree. Unfortunately though, there are too many irresponsible dog owners (not just pit bulls) and THAT is the true problem as we both know. That’s why so many cities vote to repeal their BSL laws – because dog bite percentages do NOT go down…surprise, surprise. I guess that points to the real problem ;).

  2. I don’t have a pit bull yet, but I am looking to adopt one, and finding apartments in the Twin Cities without breed restrictions is extremely difficult. It seems so ridiculous to me that my money isn’t welcome at all of these apartment complexes just because I am planning on becoming a (responsible) pit bull owner. But we do have one showing this afternoon, so my fingers are crossed that everything checks out!

    There’s a really interesting (but also extremely sad) documentary on Netflix about breed specific legislation called “Beyond the Myth.” If you haven’t already, you should check it out!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn, isn’t it upsetting that so many apartments and associations discriminate? If you don’t have any luck, check out My pit bull is as they are always adding ‘bully’ friendly rental properties. Also, yes that movie is awesome- many influential advocates featured in it! Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

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