7 Essentials for Dog Walks

Let’s face it, anytime I leave the house with the dogs I have a checklist of things I have to bring with. You know…for an enjoyable, stress free walk. I used to run out of the house, two dogs in hand and be tangling leashes, juggling cell phones and keys and be screwed if I got thirsty. #firstworldproblems

1 – First up, comfy shoes – a definite must.


2 – A good leash

I’m always a sucker for a good leather leash – they last forever, look stylish, and are comfy on the hands. My other favorite leash? The waist-leash from Ruffwear.

3 – Shoulder Bag

You know for those poop bags, keys, cell phone, chapstick, etc. etc. We’re in absolute love with this over-the-shoulder bag from DOOG. It’s stylish, has an adjustable strap and the best part? It has a poop bag dispenser on the front. Hallelujah. Dog mom dreams do come true.

4 – Poop Bags. 

Stuff ’em in your DOOG walking bag dispenser. And bring extras. Because if your dog is named Lola she’ll always split up her potty trips into as many separate stops as possible.

5 – Water Bottle.

Usually mine ends up being poured into my walking mate’s mouths…


6 – Cell phone. No, not because I can’t go 30 minutes without taking a photo of my dogs, but you know…in case of emergency.

7 – Training treats. Last minute distractions, training practice, you name it…they always come in handy.

What is something you always bring on walks with your dogs? 


9 Replies to “7 Essentials for Dog Walks”

  1. I wear a Road ID at all times. It is a bracelet that has all my emergency information on it, so if something happens, I can be identified, the correct people can be contacted, and (in my case) my severe allergies are immediately known by emergency personnel. I would consider my Road ID to be one of the most essential things I bring with me on walks, hikes, car trips, etc.

    1. It does have a side compartment which can be used for a smaller water bottle, tennis ball, etc. I fit my water bottle inside the bag and it has a separate plastic compartment for keys/phone/etc. You’ll love it!

  2. One item I use fairly often is a gps watch. Mostly for running but sometimes I use it for walks too.

    Cute bag! Does it bounce around a lot as you’re walking or slip off your shoulder?

    1. Hey Lindsay, it’s definitely not for running, but no, I wear it as a cross-body and it’s perfect for walks. The strap is cotton so not slippery at all.

  3. That looks like a great bag. I have a treat bag that goes around my waist. It’s great for treats and poop bags but it would be nice to have something a little more substantial so I’m not carrying my gulpy in my hands. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Nice share! I have Maltese dog breed and she loves going out with me. I sure this gonna work perfect for a walk.

  5. Nice photos :). I use mostly kidney bag for dog walks, I find them more comfortable. However, it has a major disadvantage. I can’t fit a bottle of water there, so maybe I will change.

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