Christmas Photo Shoot FLOP

Lola Christmas Photo Shoot - @lolathepitty

Amaya and I had this idea that we would take pictures of Lola and Tater in their ‘ugly Christmas sweaters’. Lame, I know. But after all we are obsessed with our dogs.

Rio was originally going to be included in this, but as you might have read – he grew out of his matching sweater. Plus, you will see how it went with TWO dogs, let alone three!

Let’s just say…train wreck! But it was fun, the dogs had fun and we left with about ONE good photo – one that they were not together in. Ha.

Have you ever taken photos of two dogs that LOVE to play together?! We clearly need some tricks! If the weather would’ve been better, it would’ve been quite wise to let them run off their energy before attempting this seemingly impossible task.

Here are some of the bloopers:

Christmas photo bloopers - @lolathepitty

Here’s the real fun! We decided to shoot a video instead. After all, the bloopers are sometimes the most fun of them all.


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Tater Tot & Lola

Tator tot & Lola -

Meet Tater Tot! Tater is Lola’s boyfuriend. Yes, it’s true. Tater is also a rescued, American Pit Bull Service dog who assists his 14 year old owner, Amaya.

They are good friends of ours and we often meet up at the dog park and go to doggy events together!

tater & lola -

All of these photos were taken at local parks by Amaya!

You can follow Tater’s adventures on Facebook HERE.

tater & lola -

You will also see the other Tator Tot in this photo. Two TATER’s, what are the odds!?

You may have heard about his story

tater & lola -