Prada – Adoptable Dog of the Week

Prada - adoptable dog of the week via Wags & Whiskers - @lolathepitty

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week post is dedicated to special dogs who are in rescue but still looking for their perfect home. Please consider sharing this post — you might help Prada find her ‘fur-ever’ home! View Prada’s profile on Wags & Whiskers Prada’s story breaks my heart…She had been used primarily for breeding before being brought into rescue. [read more...]

Behind the Scenes of an Animal Rescue


It hit me the other day when I was talking to someone who wasn’t a “dog nerd” (yes, I’m categorizing myself as a dog nerd) that not everyone is sure how animal rescues operate. So while this may be common sense to many of my friends, I think there are many people that can benefit [read more...]

Emma’s Journey


I’m sitting here with that same lump in my throat I had when our first foster dog, Weeser left. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Emma left our home last night and went to stay with a whelping foster family. (Read first >>> ‘an eventful [read more...]

An eventful week continued…

An eventful week continued - on pregnancy, heartworms & fostering | @lolathepitty

(read first —>>> an eventful week) Let’s see…where did we leave off? Oh yes, we were still unsure if “mama” or Emma was pregnant and we had a rescue lined up for Rusty but he was still needing a foster after his vet visit. We had a pretty quiet weekend with them and the schedule was [read more...]

Dog Fighting Awareness


Dogfighting. It’s everywhere. It’s sad to think about, it’s downright sickening, but it’s happening and right under our noses. The ASPCA has dedicated April 8th as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, so a few bloggers and I have got together to help spread the awareness. #NDFAD So…how can you help!? If you see a dog on [read more...]

An eventful week…


If you would’ve told me last week that we would have four dogs staying in our house this week, I would’ve told you you’re crazy. Well, we do. It was a Wednesday evening and my boyfriend and I were headed back home from a long day in Breezy Point, a small town in Minnesota. I had to work [read more...]

New Collars & Giveaway!

lolathepitty dogIDs collar

I’m so excited about these collars. When I began looking on the dogIDs website, there were about 50 different things I could have ordered! I love the sleek look and design of their collars and the fact that the tags are built right into many of the collars! Isn’t this collar adorable!? Lola was wondering why I was creepin’ on [read more...]

Vinny – Adoptable Dog of the Week

Vinny - Adoptable dog of the week in Minneapolis! Great with kids and other dogs! @lolathepitty

View Vinny’s Profile on A Rotta Love Plus 60 lbs | 6 1/2 years old | Good with kids and dogs – cats unknown | Canine Good Citizen Certified! | Crate & Potty Trained Vinny sounds like my kind of guy. He likes going on walks, sleeping, eating followed by a little play time…yep, I could totally deal with [read more...]

Can a Dog be TOO Food Motivated?

Can a dog be too motivated to the point where they don't respond as well?! @lolathepitty

We packed up our stuff and I walked Lola outside to the car, both of our feet crunching down the ice and snow in the parking lot. She hopped in the back and I got in the front seat. I turned on the engine and just sat there for a minute, thinking, pondering. I was disappointed. I [read more...]

Crash – Adoptable Dog of the Week


View Crash’s profile on A Rotta Love Plus As I was putting together the photos and making the collage for Crash, I’m quickly falling in love with this boy! I mean really…how cute can you get!? And according to his photos, it looks like he has a love for playing disc and fetch! Can you help [read more...]