10 Gift Ideas for Those Who Have Lost a Dog

Gift Ideas for those who have lost a dog or pet. Lolathepitty.com

It’s never an easy time when you personally or someone you know has lost a pet. I went through this not too long ago with a friend and have gone through it with my childhood dogs. I’m still convinced Lola and Rio are living until they’re at least 30 years old, you with me? So the question that always [read more...]

Meet Dumpling: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Dumpling! An adorable Bulldog x Pit Bull for adoption in Minneapolis! www.lolathepitty.com

With a name like Dumpling, you’ve got to love this girl! Dumpling is a Bulldog Pit Bull mix – what an adorable combination! She is just a petite little thing weighing in at around 40 pounds. She is eager to please with the perfect amount of spunk and sweetness. Quick Facts: 3 years old | [read more...]

Blueberry Dog Cookies

Blueberry Dog Cookies - simple & healthy DIY snack for your dog! Lolathepitty.com

A few weeks ago, I bought almond flour to make macaroons. Well I had almost an entire bag sitting around and didn’t want it to go to waste so I whipped up these puppies…haha (pun intended). This may be one of my favorite dog treat recipes I’ve made… I’m seriously considering adding a little sugar and more [read more...]

My Pittied Life: August

Love this photo! lolathepitty.com

Welcome to another edition of our “pittied” lives. These months just keep passing me by… Besides Googling things such as “how to express your dogs anal glands”, August was a fairly exciting month. Well, in my life – not so much the dogs’ lives. Their lives are pretty consistent and really just vary on how [read more...]

Lola’s Top 5 Dog Toys (+ Giveaway!)

Lola's 5 Favorite Dog Toys - lolathepitty.com

Lola and Rio love their toys. But we’ve definitely learned a lesson or two on toys that work for them versus others that leave shreds of mess around the house. Or yard. It is also no surprise that Lola loves tennis balls. But squeaky tennis balls are a whole other story. The peanut butter to her [read more...]

Meet Bridget: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Meet Bridget: Adoptable Dog of the Week on Lolathepitty.com

What a beauty, another brindle and white pup - my weakness! Bridget came into rescue with one of her puppies and is still looking for her perfect home. Please consider sharing so that Bridget may find her perfect family. Quick Facts: Birthday: April 2011 | Bulldog Pit Bull Mix | 60 lbs | dog selective, needs [read more...]

Donate to Your Favorite Rescue by Walking Your Dog


I realize I may be a little bit behind on the latest and greatest phone apps, friends. However, I just downloaded this awesome {free} app called WoofTrax. It’s pretty sweet…walk your pup to earn money for your shelter. Easy peasy. Here’s how it works: you launch the app before your walk and then every mile you walk, WoofTrax donates [read more...]

My Writing Process: Blog Tour!

The Writers Process Blog Tour by Lolathepitty.com

If you’re wondering what a blog tour is – welcome! This is a fun tour that you may have seen on other pet blogs that will allow me to (1) introduce you to a couple other pet bloggers &  (2) share my writing process! You may have seen a similar post on The Lazy Pit Bull. We are honored to be invited [read more...]

10 Must-Watch Dog Videos!

10 Must-Watch Dog Videos on lolathepitty.com

I’m a sucker for a good dog video. Totally different that cat videos, right? I’ve listed 10 of my favorite dog videos that range from hilarious to total tear jerkers. So if you are ever a little bored and have nothing better to do besides fold laundry or clip your dog’s nails, why not watch [read more...]

Meet Rascal: Adoptable Dog of the Week

Rascal: Adoptable Dog of the Week on Lolathepitty.com! Located in West Virginia!

Wow…Rascal is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I’m such a sucker for that brindle/white combo. And to top that off, he’s got an eye patch. It’s a good thing he isn’t closer, because I’d be really tempted. Another awesome tidbit about Rascal? His foster mom is our friend, Allyson, aka Molly the Pit Bull’s mama. Quick Facts: 2-3 [read more...]