My Pittied Life: February

My Pittied Life -

  We have a lot to catch up on. After all, we missed last month’s issue of My Pittied Life…my apologies. I was most likely sorting through boxes of who knows what, taking car loads of crap to the Goodwill, or dragging 83 boxes of stuff down two flights of stairs in the process of moving. [read more...]

Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe in the Winter Cold


Since moving to Colorado we’ve seen quite the sway in temps. It was 70, yes 70, last week and this week…well it’s not 70 let’s just say that. The ASPCA has created an animated infographic highlighting tips to help keep animals safe when the temperatures drop and asked me to share! While these tips may [read more...]

Orijens Review and Giveaway


  Well hello from Colorado! Incase you haven’t heard, we have a little giveaway goin’ on with all the awesome dog products pictured above. We’re kind of (okay, really) picky about what we feed our dogs. My grandfather on the other hand, believes that if he takes a bite of his cinnamon roll, the dogs [read more...]

Raspberry Goat Milk Dog Smoothies

Raspberry Goat Milk Dog Smoothies | recipe via

Oh, hi! I feel as if we’re overdue to share a new dog treat recipe with you! Things have been a little nuts as we packed up all of our stuff and moved out of Minnesota the last week in January. However, life *should* be getting back to normal now that we’re (somewhat) settled in [read more...]

Free Desktop Wallpaper + Facebook Cover Photo

Happiness is a pit bull smile - free desktop wallpaper via

Since I’m always creating fun designs for myself, I thought I’d try something new and share with you. Wow, that even rhymed a bit. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Downloads: *Desktop wallpaper *Facebook cover photo  

Monster Holiday Drive Wrap-Up


In October of 2014, Amaya and I decided to participate in the 3rd Annual Monster Holiday Drive with our two little “elves”, Lola and Tater Tot. This week, after lots of sorting, counting (thanks, Amaya), and organizing (plus working and getting ready to move…) we can finally say all of the donations are in the hands of [read more...]

6 Tips for Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

6 Tips for Trimming Your Dog's Nails |

We we’re at the vet the other day for a routine checkup and the tech ask if we want to have Rio’s nails clipped. I politely decline and mentioned that we do them ourselves. Meaning, I do them. Antonio refuses as he might cut them too short. When looking at the prices, I found that they [read more...]

My Pittied Life: December

My Pittied Life -

Happy New Year, friends! Did I tell you we move in less than four weeks? I cannot wait and the negative-whatever temps in Minnesota have just been helping that urge. I hope y’all had a great Christmas – we spent ours in Colorado and (of course) took Lola and Rio with. Which brings us to this [read more...]

Natural Dog Company Paw Products Review + Giveaway!


I was researching what we could do to protect Lola and Rio’s paw pads (mostly in the winter) when I came across Natural Dog Company. I wanted to find a product that would protect their paws without having to put on dreaded booties. Those things never stay on! Now, if you live in Miami you’re probably laughing right now. But [read more...]

Pet Resolutions

2014-12-30 17.26

We’re sharing something fun with you today that Victoria Stilwell started. New Year’s Resolutions…from Lola and Rio. I had to brainstorm and try to imagine (if Lola and Rio could rationalize) what they would resolve to do better in 2015. Here’s what I’ve come up with: Let’s hope the expression on their faces is not [read more...]

Top Four for 2014

Peanut Butter Banana + Flax Seed Dog Biscuits - @lolathepitty

Some pretty exciting things happened in 2014. Such as starting this blog. And I can’t forget rescuing Emma, which was probably one of the biggest highlights of the year. Then of course there’s that part where I resigned from my career as marketing director to pursue major life goals, which include relocating to my home state [read more...]

5 Tips for Treating Dog Diarrhea


Sometimes I have to laugh at the text conversations Antonio and I have…I mean really, they’re quite romantic: Me: Morning! Hope your day is going well, how does Rio’s poop look? A: Good morning. He didn’t go yet… Me: Oh, well that’s a good sign! Let me know how it looks when he does go. [read more...]

My Pittied Life: November

My Pittied Life -

November proved to be quite the exciting month… I’ve got some exciting announcements in life de Sarah, so read on! Mini Rescue Operation It was a typical Friday night. We had just finished running some errands and went to get a bite to eat. After sitting down with our BBQ sandwiches, I glanced out the [read more...]

7 Gifts for Pit Bull Advocates

Holiday Gift Guide for Pit Bull Lovers and Advocates!

Okay, by now you’ve all seen my Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers, right? Let’s hope so…some supa’ cute stuff in there which I’m glad I own. Well this gift guide is all about the pibbles and pibble lovers. Enjoy! Calendars Below I’ve listed several super awesome 2015 calendars along with the low down on [read more...]