Tootsie – Adoptable Dog of the Week

Tootsie - adoptable pit bull living in Minnesota. Foster needed! Been in rescue for over 3 years.|

View Tootsie’s profile and fill out an application on the MARS site here.

I could not believe it when I heard that Tootsie has been in rescue for over THREE YEARS. Three whole years! As in, tres AÑOS. And on top of that, she has spent the last FIVE MONTHS in boarding because she does not have a foster home.

We need to get this baby the exposure she needs and get her into a foster home at the very least! She is super sweet and great with kids and people. No dogs or kitties for this girl. But I just know there is a family out there for her!

Here’s a little more info about Tootsie (hehe, I just love her name):

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Sex: Female, Size: 50 Pounds
Current Age: 3 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: No
Housetrained: Yes

“Tootsie is a sweet cuddle bug. Her favorite thing is snuggling with her people. Tootsie is housetrained and crate trained. She loves to play tug and be a big goofball. Tootsie is also good with children she will be their best buddy. Unfortunately Tootsie had a rough up-bringing so she is not good with dogs or cats and needs to be an only dog. Please help this little girl find her forever home. Right now she is stuck in boarding and a cold lonely kennel is no place for a cute little girl.”

Find Adoption and Foster Information on Tootsie HERE.


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Tater Tot & Lola

Tator tot & Lola -

Meet Tater Tot! Tater is Lola’s boyfuriend. Yes, it’s true. Tater is also a rescued, American Pit Bull Service dog who assists his 14 year old owner, Amaya.

They are good friends of ours and we often meet up at the dog park and go to doggy events together!

tater & lola -

All of these photos were taken at local parks by Amaya!

You can follow Tater’s adventures on Facebook HERE.

tater & lola -

You will also see the other Tator Tot in this photo. Two TATER’s, what are the odds!?

You may have heard about his story

tater & lola -

Meet Rio

This is Rio! Formerly “Leo” from Save-a-Bull rescue in Minnesota.

Rio was a “Craigslist puppy” who was pulled off of the site thanks to the wonderful people at the rescue. I don’t think I need to go into details about the horrific things that have happened from dogs listed on Craigslist…just glad he’s home with us now!

Rio is truly a great puppy! Smart, willing, and the perfect energy level. We won’t go into that with Lola, haha. Let’s just say her battery never died and it was basically like trying to contain a 10 lb tornado.

Here are the rescue photos of him, thanks to Angela Boone Photography.

Rio Puppy -

What a cute little stinker.

Here was his “I’ve been adopted” post on Facebook!

Rio Puppy -

These were pictures we took when Lola played with Rio for the second time…

Rio - 10 weeks old -

Lola was doing her classic ‘stalk and pounce’ move, so he found a great place to hide!

Rio - 10 weeks old -

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